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"The biggest misconception about Kevin is that he's lazy." ...

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"Kevin has a lot of guts for doing what he did on 'PopoZao'." ...

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"I need to get everyone else out there to shake their ass." ...

  Federline Says He Doesn't Care If You Don't Like Him

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— by Corey Moss

As he sits down behind the mixing board at the Malibu, California, studio where he's recording his upcoming hip-hop album, Kevin Federline takes a swig of Coke and ponders placing the can in our camera's frame.

"You know I've been f---ing publicizing their f---ing asses for f---ing years now. I think it's time for them to f---ing give me some loot," he says. "It could be great too, 'cause she was repping Pepsi, and I could be repping Coke." (She, of course, being wife Britney Spears.)

Federline flashes a mischievous smile and laughs.

Despite having a mouth like a truck driver's, K-Fed has an instant charm to him. He's the definition of laid back, but there is an eager energy in his voice and sincerity in what he says. He's pretty funny, too.

Kevin's the first to admit that he inherited a vital career advantage when he married Britney, but he doesn't call attention to her celebrity as he casually tells a story from his honeymoon about struggling without modern technology.

MTV News RAW: Kevin Federline

Britney Spears' husband is out to be a self-made hip-hop star. K-Fed gives an inside listen to his LP, which features booty tracks, Southern jams and more than one song busting "pavarottis."

He chain smokes, and his style, at least today, is more beach bum than Malibu money. But besides that, it seems the tabloids' portrayal of Britney's man is unmerited.

"The biggest misconception about Kevin is that he's lazy," says Disco D, one of the producers of Federline's album. "Kevin really busts his ass and is a hard worker. I made him put in 12-hour days in the studio, and he really delivered. The other big misconception is that he's a bad father and husband. This couldn't be farther from the truth."

In the studio, after he turns the Coke label away from the camera, Federline puts on his new single, "PopoZao," and raps along to the first few lines. He moves his hands as if he's conducting the track and eventually pulls out whatever dance moves one can do while sitting.

"Disco went to Brazil and came back and had this beat," he says, still bobbing along. "We were sitting there listening to a bunch of Brazilian tracks, a lot of dance stuff from out there, real repetitious stuff. I caught on to the lingo and started asking him, 'How do you say this? How do you say that?' We made this song in one day, and it was brilliant."

After recording "PopoZao" — apparently Portuguese slang for "nice ass" — Kevin played the song for his wife, and she loved it. That's about as far as she lends her experienced ears.

"We talk about [my music], but not in that [critical] way," says Federline, whose husky voice has a bit of Southern drawl that must have rubbed off from his wife. "She's there and she supports my decision on what I've done. She'll sit there and brainstorm ideas of the outer things around the music, what people are gonna do and how this is gonna happen. She's given me insight in that.

"But I've seen it, too," he adds. "Being out here and dancing for all these artists, I've seen what goes on behind the scenes. I've been able to learn so much from it. And now I'm able to use that just to gain [experience in] what I'm about to do. It's great because I know the ins and outs of all this. I've been a rookie for like seven years, and I've worked my way up from apprenticeship to journeyman. And it's inevitable, man."

Kevin believes that joining Britney in the music business benefits their marriage — which, by the way, he says is not in any trouble.

"I'm with somebody who understands, and that's the best way to look at it," he says. "She knows exactly what I'm about to go through. She's been through it. All that can do is help. She knows what to do, what to tell me, how to comfort me if I'm upset. That's how we work. We're so there for each other all the time."

Federline recently had a studio built in the mansion where he and Britney are raising their infant son, Sean Preston. ("You couldn't ask for a better mom," he says of Spears.) Right now he's learning the equipment, and ideally the couple will share it down the road. "We have fun when we get into the studio together," he says.

So far, the couple has recorded a few tracks together, which Kevin described as the most personal music he's ever made. The plan, however, is to "save 'em for later" and first introduce the world to Federline the rapper sans his famous wife — if that's possible. Most of the world, of course, already feels like they know K-Fed, thanks to constant paparazzi-fed coverage of his life in the tabloids, which have painted him as a hard-partying, freeloading, irresponsible parent.

"I don't pick up the magazines and read 'em," he says. "It doesn't matter."

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Photo: Chrissy L. Nguyen/ MTV News

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