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 "If I don't get some time off, then there's going to be an implosion." ...

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 "This girl gave me this note, and it said 'Meet me in the bathroom.' " ...

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 "I have to be very careful about who I let into my life." ...

Fall Out Boy:   Through The Years   (So Far...)

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  Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Comments On ... You Know, Those Photos

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Later that afternoon, Wentz is sitting in a booth in the Pick Me Up Café, a stereotypical "punk rock" vegan spot (tattooed waitresses, veggie burgers on the menu) where he and the rest of Fall Out Boy used to waste the hours away. He points out a cramped booth in the corner where the band shot the cover for their 2002 debut, Fall Out Boy's Evening With Your Girl, and reminisces about the time when all four guys would share a single cup of coffee and annoy the wait staff, because that's all there was to do.

"The only reason you even start a band is so you can hang out with your friends all the time, but somewhere along the line, it just ends up becoming a job," Wentz says, fiddling with a carrot stick. "You were doing it because you were like, 'I never want to have to get a job,' then all of a sudden it becomes the biggest job you could ever imagine. You're never home and you never see your friends. And it's weird because you're gone and the smallest change in people just becomes magnified: Your brother grows like one inch, and then you come back after three or four months and you're like, 'Wow, what's going on?' You start to feel like an alien.

"And I have to be very careful about who I let into my life, because there are a lot of people who are just looking to use me," he continues. "There's just one person who I've met over the past few years that I'm sure isn't into me because I'm in Fall Out Boy. She's the person I can put the time stamp on — this is the last person I am for sure likes me for me."

Wentz openly admits to "being obsessed" with this mystery woman for years now, and claims that most of the lyrics on Cork Tree were inspired by her. But, like most things in his life these days, he's been too busy to keep in touch, and their on/off relationship has been stuck in "off" position for some time — which he sometimes thinks is a bad thing.

"I feel like there's part of me that in my head is like, 'This is the person you have to work it out with,' [because] I don't know if I can write any new songs if she's not a part of my life. And I think on some subconscious level I'm attracted to that turbulence in my head, which is why I keep going back to her," Wentz sighs. "But it's definitely like something that I consciously realize is bad and makes me extremely unhappy 50-60 percent of the time. Somewhere I just want to find someone that's going to love me forever no matter what; I want someone to show the inside of my head to. That thought keeps me going."

And almost on cue, Fall Out's road manager swoops in and lets Wentz know that it's just about time to move on: More people to meet, more obligations to fulfill. Wentz jokingly asks what the other guys in FOB are doing on their days off (turns out Trohman and his girlfriend are buying plants, while Stump and Hurley are off the radar), and then rises from the table.

It's clear he's got more to say, but there's simply no time. Fall Out Boy are gearing up for a U.K. tour, and they'll enter a Los Angeles recording studio in early June to begin work on the follow-up to Cork Tree.

You get the feeling Wentz would like to take a few days — or weeks — to enjoy his homecoming. But in the immortal words of Jason Priestley, he's like a shark, and he needs to keep moving.

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