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Kelly: I'm not gonna lie. I'm not gonna sit here and say I'm some angel or some perfect guy, but there's things that people have done in their lives that they regret, and I'm no different. I'm a human being, and I want people to know that I'm no angel here but I'm no monster either. I'm no guy that would do this.

Norris: Obviously there are other tapes that now have been out, not only with the paper and the police, but out on the street as well, that purport to show you in sexual situations with women, whether they are of age or underage. Is it possible that some of those tapes are actually depicting you?

"I want people to know that I'm no angel here but I'm no monster either"
Kelly: I'm not gonna say yeah or nay to that, because there's a lot of things that I've done in my life that I truly regret, but I'm no criminal.

Norris: I know this industry, and I know that there are people offering all kinds of things to you when you've achieved any degree of success, and I know how easy it is to capitalize on those offers. When you've been in situations with women, has the question of whether they've been of age been a concern to you? Is that something you want to make sure is cool before you get involved with someone?

Kelly: That has always been a question in my mind most of the time, but I'm not gonna sit and lie. I'm not gonna I.D. people, because most of the times I meet women it's in clubs, and in clubs they're supposed to be 21 and over. A lot of times when I meet a woman it's coming from an aftershow party. I go to the party and there are all kinds of women there and they're after you, and sometimes I'm after them, too. And those are the things I'm trying to change, those are the things I'm trying to work on, being with the wrong crowd or being around a lot of women all the time and that whole thing. The success can get out of hand and it has gotten out of hand. I believe that's one reason why this has gotten out of hand.

Norris: As you know, Stephanie Edwards, or Sparkle, as she's known, has come out and said that the young woman on the tape in question is her niece, and she said her niece was 14 at the time that this videotape was made. Do you have any response to that?

"Sparkle has a very good reason to be mad at me right now"
Kelly: Sparkle has a very good reason to be mad at me right now. We had a business relationship and it didn't work out because she wanted to have somebody else produce her after her first album was a hit, and I just didn't understand that. It's not an ego thing, but I'm the top, I'm one of the top producers out here, and I told her, "I produced this and I'm not gonna let somebody else produce your album. I'm producing your album." And it became a very big deal, and I believe a big part of it was that she was in a relationship with this producer, and it started going downhill ever since. She started thinking that I'm trying to tell her what to do in the next album and she quit, she left the company and her career went downhill. I've gotten little threats from her and now she hates me and it's my fault.

Norris: It seems like an awfully long way for her to go to carry out the vendetta. To bring charges of this nature against you, that's pretty serious.

Kelly: It is very serious.

Norris: Did you know her niece?

Kelly: Yeah.

Norris: Did you have any kind of relationship with her niece? Was it friendship or professional?

Kelly: I was like a godfather to her.

Norris: But it never crossed the line into anything sexual?

Kelly: No, absolutely not.

Norris: Her parents, in fact, have denied that she is the young woman in the tape.

Kelly: She denied it. Her mom and her dad denied it. And a few other people that have seen it have denied it. But that's not on TV. I wish that was on TV as much as the other thing was.

Norris: Would you guess that this is some kind of fabricated tape? Perhaps it was produced with someone who looks like you, or it's something that someone has put together?

Kelly: I'm not a professional in that area but I do know this: It's not me, and if it's gotten me to this point sitting in this chair talking to you about this, then it's obvious someone who is real good at doctoring or whatever did this.

Norris: Have the police contacted you yet or questioned you?

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Photo: MTV News

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