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MTV News' John Gill talked to the original lineup of Destiny's Child -- Beyoncé, Kelly, LaTavia, and LeToya -- on June 17, 1999, upon release of their second album, "The Writing's On The Wall." Here are some previously unpublished excerpts from that interview.

MTV: Tell us about your new album.

Beyoncé: We're really excited about it. When we did the first album, we kind of made a list of our mistakes and the things we wanted to change...

LeToya: And make better.

Beyoncé: By the time we did the second album, we already knew exactly what we wanted. We already knew we wanted to bring in a brand new sound, a brand new producer -- because when you think about the albums that are the greatest albums, like Brandy's album and like Aaliyah's album, the greatest R&B albums, they bring in a whole new producer. Like Brandy brought in Rodney Jerkins, and Aaliyah brought in Timbaland. So She'kspere did the majority of ours.

It's a good vibe, and we matured tremendously vocally, and also from girls to young women, and we wanted to showcase our vocal ability, and we wanted to showcase the fact that we've grown up. We write a lot more on this album.

MTV: Where did the title come from?

LeToya: The title, "The Writing's On The Wall," is a cliché that means it's very obvious that something huge is about to happen right there in your face. That's how all the songs are on the album. We have high expectations for this album, also. We're telling ourselves it's obvious that this album's gonna do good, and I think it's just a wonderful cliché. It's very obvious that either the relationship's gonna end, or it's gonna continue. It's gonna get better, it's gonna get worse.

MTV: In what area did you mature the most?

Kelly: I think we've matured vocally, and we've matured in our writing skills, and Beyoncé, of course, matured in her producing skills. We've kinda taken it to the next level.

Beyoncé: We're talking about serious subjects. We're talking about subjects that older people go through. I mean, the last album was about serious subjects, but now we're talking about the deeper things, and we're going into more detail into relationships as opposed to... we were going from 15 to 16; now we're 18.

LeToya: And we've experienced a lot between the ages of 15 and 18, so we decided to write about them and let people know what happens. I know some people who tend to underestimate teens and what they go through. I know we go through a lot nowadays, and we decided to write that down.

MTV: How have your lives changed since the success of the first album?

LaTavia: We're never at home.

LeToya: We don't get to spend as much time with family and friends as we used to. Not being able to spend time with family and friends, not getting the proper amount of rest, eating right, or whatever, you really have to watch out for yourself, 'cause my mama, she always says, "Your body's gonna shut down if you don't treat yourself better," 'cause you have to go that extra limit, since you're not doing the same thing, living a normal life.

MTV: Did you record most of the album in Houston?

Beyoncé: Yes. That was also a good thing. The first album, we did a lot of in Oakland, Atlanta... well, we did everywhere. But this album, the majority was in Houston, so we could go home and sleep in our own beds and get that home-cooked meal we wanted, even though we didn't have time to eat because we were only home to sleep. But it's still better than not being home at all.

MTV: You did a lot of late nights?

Beyoncé: Oh, yeah. Every night. But see, we didn't really take it as a late night, because everything that we did was like, just flew by. I mean, with the writing, with recording the tracks, everything just flew by, because we had so much fun. We were just in there writing and recording. By the time we look up, the album is done. We were like, "Okay, well, that went totally over our heads."

Kelly: We weren't ready to stop, because it seemed like it was going by too fast. The first album took two years, so imagine, that's like a drastic change from two years to two months. We just weren't used to that. We were like, "It's no way," but we did, 'cause we listened, and we are like, "We don't need to do any more songs, we already have sixteen!"

LaTavia: Our manager was like, "Y'all are done, this is great, this is a wonderful final projeWe're] really proud of that, because we really worked hard on this album. Here comes more from Destiny's Child!

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Photo: MTV News

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