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— by Karen Lee and Jem Aswad

They say the eyes don't lie — and for some people, the face doesn't either. Feng shui expert and Chinese astrology specialist Pun Yin is one of those people, and earlier this year, to commemorate Chinese New Year, MTV Chi brought her in for some character assessment.

The Chinese zodiac moves in 12-year cycles, and 2006 is the year of the dog — as were 1958, 1970 and 1982. A birth year and a look at a person's face is all Pun Yin needs, so we had her take a close look at the faces of several famous "dog" year babies. Face reading is one of several elements used in Chinese astrology — others include palm-reading, voice analysis, body profile and "chi" (a person's spirit or essence). "For face-reading, every part of the face represents a particular [era of a person's life]," Pun Yin says. "So [the first] 14 years is devoted to the ears, and then from 15 to 30 is the forehead period, 31 to 34 is the eyebrows, 35 to 40 is the eyes and 41 to 50 is the nose — that's why Michael Jackson has been having a tough time since his 41st birthday." (The viewpoints, divination and analyses expressed in this article are not those of MTV.)

"He is in the midst of his forehead period, 24 years old, so he's someone that likes to push the limits and expand his existence by being aggressive, by being unusual and taking challenges. So he will have more growth in his career, and his strongest cycle will be 31 to 34 years old, when he reaches his eyebrow period. His best is yet to come. Right now, he needs to be careful about not being too impulsive toward emotional and sensual needs, since his eyes are so full of yin energy — that has to do with instant gratification. And his haircut being so punkish and so fiery, it goes in all different directions and symbolizes yang, and is a great feature on him to offset his very yin eyes. He should let himself grow and try everything he can, but know that his time frame of achieving that higher state of success is between 31 and 34."

"His Chinese astrology has too much Earth energy, so there are actually lots of obstacles and stagnation. And unlike other artists, his eyes are not that strong. So in the period right now, there tend to be a lot of personal issues that will distract him and prevent him from concentrating and being the best he could be. It's not that he doesn't have the talent. For him, when he shifts to the 41-to-44-year-old phase, there will be more comfort and structure in his life than right now."

"In order to contain the wealth he has right now, it is best for him to grow a mustache. On a man's face, a mustache and beard can add more energy and contain [wealth]. If the person is weak and has a nose cycle like Michael Jackson and [Beck], a mustache is right under the area which is necessary. For people who are weak at the jawbone, slim and narrow there, they're the type that should grow a beard. For [Beck] to add more fire energy within himself — not anger but the confidence that is within — it would be best if he [trims] his bangs, to absorb the fire energy and the solar light. That's why clearing the bangs on his forehead would help to bring him more success."

"She has very strong, balanced eyes. However, because her forehead doesn't have the [same] fullness as some other very successful artists who are under 30 years old, she might have challenges — her style may end up leaning toward what an organization needs her to be, versus what is in her heart. The age she was at when she joined ["American Idol"] was at her highest cycle, so she was able to win the contest. However, [she wasn't] able to profit much as she could have because of the forehead and because of the [depressed] features at the center of it. But if she gets good feng shui — if she figures out her strengthening elements and adapts them into her wardrobe, into the background, into the performances, as well as into her home, then she will be able to strengthen her reward. She's one that actually knows what she wants and her eyes seem to be very truthful to her heart. That means even when she's passionate about someone, she's always conscious about what should and shouldn't be, and she's not a fool in love. She's got very strong eyes — that's actually her soul — and it's very truthful to her heart."

"You know, in [entertainment], it's so hard for people to stay true to the message — what is making the world a better place? — than just making money. Mariah Carey has strong eyes, however, her chi being so yin — so emotional, temperamental — it's diminishing her real power and control. So her success is conditional to other people feeling her. She will have continuous success all the way until she's 40, and right now she [is reaping] the result of what had been built for her when she was at the period of her forehead [from 15 to 30]. She had a lot of noble people helping her and setting her on the way to what she has become and what she is becoming as an individual. The forehead period was the strongest period of momentum and building the structure. So she has actually a lot of pent-up anger inside — and what the world sees as being such a soft, sweet, gentle person actually has a lot of anger inside. She actually has strong cheekbones: That is the commanding power. So for her it would be smart, while she is at the strong cycle, to try to [expand] into another field, such as being a producer and bringing in artists."

"He's at the cycle of the nose, 41 to 50 years old. Since his [facial] surgery, he has broken the chi and the wealth that it symbolizes, so there's going to be more leaking of money until he is 50 years old. It is best not to puncture the chi on the face. Plastic surgery doesn't alter [a person's future in terms of astrology], but when it is punctured ... for men, the nose symbolizes the wealth energy of the life, and on the woman it symbolizes the wealth of the person she has a personal relationship with. So when the man punctured the nose, he punctured the wealth intake. He should have seen a feng shui person long ago. [He should] do something about strengthening his nose — maybe mustache, though I know he cannot grow a mustache. His eyes are very strong, but there's this sadness energy and that weakness because of the Yang Chi that radiates. He needs a very strong person he can trust and has a strong energy. Otherwise will stay to be hurtful and childlike to the choices he makes. ... This storm will continue until he is 50 years old, but by then most of his wealth will be burnt out already."

"She has very strong features. Her eyes balance and stretch so her vision of things is very long-term and rational. So even when she had tough times, she was always thinking about how to secure her golden age. Her strong features of forehead and the eyebrow and the eye, supported by the cheekbones and the lips ... empower [her] as a person. She'll continue to work hard; [she's] a balanced person despite whatever her upbringing was. She has very full, round forehead and that's why lots of success and lots of people came to help her [when she was] 15 to 30 years old. That made her somewhat dependent on others providing for her, however. It would be good to have some bangs — her forehead being so full is good for her career between 15 to 30 years old, however, it's harsh on relationships."

[Speaking apprehensively] "He's able to make money, and quite a bit of it, because of his strong nose feature. He'll have lots of money all the time. He's very smart and a thinker, although his path, especially between 15 and 30 years old ... He's able to think in a very wide spectrum, however [he's] chosen money as the driving force rather than using his intelligence. Right now, based on his eyes searching for a new goal in life, he has the ability to turn that around. He's able, with the right help, to transform himself — but knowing that if he doesn't, his future and blessings [will be] challenged. Right now, [he's] in a state of searching."

"Her eyes have yang chi — an attacking energy of intentionally forcing issues on people. The angular, attacking shape of her features, such as the nose and jawbone, [show] that she's always been very opinionated. Even though her heart may be good, and it may be for a good cause, she will express it in a very passionate and egotistical way, therefore making the message get fuzzed up because of a very yang, aggressive character, and that sort of defeats what she intends to do. Her very angular, attacking character and chi, when bending outward, is further pushing her energy and agenda on others. There are many people that will resent her, not for what she's saying, but by the energy they read in her.

"The nose of a woman represents the wealth that the spouse will bring in, and since her nose has very boney, triangular, eagle-like feature, that's why, in a relationship, she will always be the one that brings in more money than the husband. Her eyes show someone very in control and demand before 40. However, once she reaches 40, her wealth is limited and outgoing than incoming. It's best for her to solidify it with someone else that is softer-spoken. She is the yang chi male figure that coexists with her personal partner.

"Look at the case of Mariah Carey. She's got strong voice when she sings, however once she's not singing, she speaks in a very soft, uncertain, unconfident way. That's why that insecurity and vulnerability carry into her emotion, not being commanding all the time like Madonna."

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