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Shaggy on...
"I ain't mad at nobody"
working his way up
touring with BSB
reggae crossover explosion?
reshaping Jamaican culture
"strippers plus Shaggy is ratings"
"It Wasn't Me" and Napster
"nothing but singles"
writing "Angel"
reggae at the Grammys
moving on from Marley
Watch Shaggy...
"It Wasn't Me" [RealVideo]
MTV News Europe report - Shaggy [RealVideo]
"The Train Is Coming" [RealVideo]
Listen to Shaggy...
"It Wasn't Me" [RealAudio]
"Angel" [RealAudio]
"Boombastic" [RealAudio]
"Oh Carolina" [RealAudio]

Reggae popster Shaggy (born Orville Richard Burrell) has been climbing the charts for six months with his aptly titled Hotshot album. And his unlikely comeback hit, "It Wasn't Me," recently unseated the singles chart's reigning independent women, Destiny's Child.

The 32-year-old, Jamaica-born singer who moved to the States as a teenager and served in the Marines during the Gulf War released the R&B-meets-dancehall Hotshot last August. Even though he'd already hit the U.S. charts with 1993's "Oh Carolina" and the title track from his Grammy-winning 1995 breakthrough, Boombastic, few could have predicted Hotshot's success.

In fact, the album didn't begin picking up steam until a radio DJ in Hawaii downloaded a copy of "It Wasn't Me" from Napster and began playing it in heavy rotation. The rest is history: The album has sold more than 2.3 million copies to date, according to SoundScan.

Now, as he gets ready to join this summer's Backstreet Boys tour, Shaggy talks to MTV News' Joe D'Angelo about why he might just be the Ricky Martin of reggae.

Touring with Backstreet Boys, converting Shaggy fans and the coming reggae explosion... NEXT>>


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