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DAVID LEE ROTHNever let it be said that David Lee Roth has a hard time expressing himself.

When the former Van Halen frontman sat down with MTV's Kurt Loder to plug his autobiography, "Crazy From The Heat," Diamond Dave went off about his former bandmates, the current state of music, and the life experiences that make Dave, Dave. Of course, there was also plenty of discussion of Van Halen's aborted reunion, and the war of worlds that has followed. To revisit the incident, or see what else makes Dave tick, check out the following feature.

* * *

KURT LODER: I notice that there was no co-writer listed on here. You wrote this yourself?

DAVID LEE ROTH: Yes, I dictated and I wrote it myself. There was no interview, no ghost writer. There was no somebody, you know, laying out the chronology of it and in terms of telling a story it veers off in a lot of different directions. I read in a couple of reviews that said it tends to ramble. Tends!? I've been asleep since the late 70s, man! [300k QuickTime]

KURT: What are you up to at the moment? Well, you're promoting this book obviously...

ROTH PULLQUOTEDAVID: Sure this is the big parade. We've been pursuing this book for about a year and a half and once this is completely in the air we've got music coming around the bend. The sky's guitars, guitars, bikinis and fast cars. Carmine Appice wants to play some drums Bill Shannon from the old school wants to play the bass. I'm getting a lot of phone calls. I think that people are looking for, not a substitute to what really swinging right now but a balance to it. You know, sooner or later there's got to be a little bit of Miller Time, and that's where I come in.[700k QuickTime]

KURT: What do you make of what's happening now with samples and people taking old hits and turning them into new hits? Are you a fan of that at all?

DAVID: I think its great. Call it whatever you will, sampling, paste up, etc., but there's also got to be a point where you¼re learning how to play the original instruments and write the original songs, because sooner or later you're gonna' run out of all the real good songs to sample from. If you went down to Good Year where they're designing tires for the next Grand Prix racing tires and you said to every super hacker technical wizard in there, is anybody in here into farming? Oh they'll laugh you out of the building, you know? "Come on, this is the digital era Dave! This is the superhighway." Last I heard all tires are made out of rubber, and last I checked all rubber comes from trees. Now which one of you is a f**king farmer? Same thing gonna apply to music. Great: go sample design, go techno thrash ambient sonic, I'm with ya' man, where do I get the shoes? But somebody has to do the original stuff or there's nothing to steal from.

KURT: Do you see any band that fulfills the position that Van Halen held back in the 80s?

DAVID: I see varying elements of it, but I don't see anybody who is encapsulating the whole watuse. It's a lot like when you saw Woodstock x amount of summers ago: I'm gonna have to listen to five different radio stations to hear everybody who appeared on the roster. The original Woodstock back in the 60s, if you listen to one "underground FM radio station" you heard everybody. You heard Sly and The Family, you heard Santana as well as the Crosbys, Stills, Youngings and everybody. And I think the same thing is with music today. If you lined up everybody together on the Lollapalooza Festival or the Oz-Fest, then you get the original classic team of Van Halen. I don't think there's one group that contains it all, you know? Van Halen is a lot of knees and elbows -- and keep in mind there was constant conflict [350k QuickTime], this wasn't like we all got a long and everything digested smoothly and it all came out a nice palatable color that's how you describe something by Gerber's man, you know? There's constant conflict, people say you seem pretty calm about the, its not the thrill....the failing of Van Halen and the MTV awards a year ago, yeah cause it's like what's new? We never got along. We have not got along in ten years or whatever and out of that comes great music, out of that comes liveliness and sparks and foment and any good movie that I usually go see whatever kind of movie it starts off with...a car chase, there's got to be conflict or I just get the popcorn man.