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New Edition

Previously, reunion tours had been the domain of long-separated monster-rock acts. But New Edition's recently-launched Home Again Tour has proven that R&B acts have enough staying power to pull it off too.

MTV News sat down with the boys when they rolled into New York City's Madison Square Garden two weeks into their tour.

MTV NEWS: How's the tour been going?

BOBBY BROWN: It's been going, yeah it's been going good. We had two, three dates that we had to cancel. But other than that the show is great, it's really been coming together. First night was a great show, the second night wasn't to good. You know, we're just trying to get it together so you know basically tonight, here in New York City, is where it I think it will all come together like we really want it.

MTV NEWS: For somebody who's watching at home, who's been a New Edition fan may want to come out to the show, what should they expect? You know, what are they looking at? What are they going to get when they come out to the show, and what is New Edition going to give them?

RALPH TRESVANT: I think we give them a combination of fashion, new, and old. Give em' a combination of the old New Edition mixed with new, mixed with the solo projects, the individual projects that we went into, and we do some of the new stuff together. We're even give 'em some reminiscing stuff around the piano. It's full of just a bunch of moments. I think the biggest thing that comes out of the tour is a feeling of love and connection. It makes people remember what they were doing, and what was happenin' during the era when we first came out, and different songs that we do. It's been fun, I think the crowd's really been receptive, and the write-ups and everything have been really good so far.

MTV NEWS: Explain a little bit how the show is structured. Because I know a lot of people are wondering how you all are going to work solo in the group, so how exactly are you doing the concert?

JOHNNY GILL: Well we don't want to tell you. Come see the show. Then I'll show you how the show is structured.

RONNIE DEVOE: We just wanna tell people we are givin' you all the elements. We're givin' you New Edition, the first, original, New Edition. We're givin' you the six of us, we're givin' you Bobby Brown, Bel Biv Devoe, Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill, different times durin' the show. But we can't actually sit here and give it to you, you know, A-Z. It's gonna be hot though. It's like bananas on stage with us, because you have six guys that have been in the industry for, like, thirteen almost fourteen years as a matter of fact and we've all gone through ups and downs, and we pretty much know what it takes to command a crowd. And it's, like, six of us on stage so it's bananas, like Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey so you wanna definitely come see it.

RALPH TRESVANT: This brother right here (pointing to Bobby Brown) it's hard to get him off stage every night. He gets possessed. You have to literally snatch him off stage just so we can get to the next band.

BOBBY BROWN: If not, the show would go on and on, and go on, and go on. I love being up on the stage. So you know, thats my home. But you know, I think being back on stage with the rest of the guys, has taught me a lot more about, you know, togetherness. Not that I do a lot of songs with them, but just the togetherness of having somebody to watch your back if you can't perform at that time, there's always someone else there that can sing that part for you, if you have a strep throat or whatever. It's just about togetherness.

MTV NEWS: Tell me, you were just saying that it's tough to get Bobby off the stage. Is there a friendly kind of competitive atmosphere when you guys do the solo stuff and the BBD stuff? Do you kinda' watch out?

BOBBY BROWN: It's always like that. You know, when we first came out, you know, we use to get back in the dressing room and be like, "You heard the screams for me on that part?" You know what I'm sayin'? So it's always a little bit of competitiveness within, you know, being on stage and doing your solo thing and everybody competes in this world at something.

MICHAEL BIVINS: And the best thing about it is you know the person thats on before you. When you gettin' dressed you can just hear what their doin'. So you not really competing with who's in front of you, you just don't wanna come wrong after that person .

RALPH TRESVANT: Any less than what that just was.