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Lil' Bow Wow on......
hitting the "Chronic" stage at six
getting his name from Snoop
"I never get nervous..."
not skipping school
how his friends treat him now
meeting JD
writing lyrics
his one starstruck moment
clubs and parties
being a role model
the iced-out Mickey Mouse
hearing himself on the radio
the pros and cons of stardom
his surprising success
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"Bounce With Me" [RealAudio]

MTV: When you performed with Jermaine and Jay-Z, were you starstruck at all? Or were you like, "Well, I know Snoop and the guys already, so it's no big thing."

LBW: I really never say, "Oh my God, Oh my God." The only time I got excited was when I met Michael Jordan. Like, when I meet him, I'm like, "Oh my God, you're Michael Jordan" But because I've been hanging around superstars for awhile, I'm thinking, they're just normal persons. You can be famous, and I'd treat you the same way. I'm really not gonna be treating people different just 'cause of who they are and how popular they are.

MTV: Well I'm sure you get treated a little bit different, though. There aren't too many 13-year-olds that can go into clubs. There's a lot of people that are over 21 that still can't get into the clubs that you get into.

LBW: Yeah. I mean, the only time I go out to the clubs is when Jermaine's having a party or if I'm having a party for So So Def. Any time So So Def's having a party anywhere, I'm gonna be there.

MTV: Do you get tired of the scene at all? Like, standing around...

LBW: Yeah, sometimes I do. I be tired and it be hot with all those people.

MTV: It's not all what it's cracked up to be. Now, one of the things that Jermaine has said is that he wants to make you a role model, and he wants to make you a young black superstar. How do you feel about that?

LBW: I feel real good about being a role model, because so many kids are looking up to me already. But I have to tell them that you can't be like me. You've gotta try to be better than I can be. You gotta try to be yourself, really. That's what I'm trying to do, 'cause everyone asks me, "Who's your favorite person?" I'm like, myself, and God, and my parents. So as far as little kids being role models, I love that, because it makes me wanna just go out and do more and do more and do more so I can become a role model and stay a role model for the little kids.

MTV: I have to ask about the lovely ice that you have. You point it out in your video and you're sort of known for this "Iced-out Mickey Mouse." How did you get that?

LBW: It was a gift from Jermaine. On Christmas Eve, I think, he gave me this and a watch. When I got it, I didn't actually be shocked. I just took it like a chain, 'cause I really didn't understand diamonds back then. I'd just be wearing it as though this wasn't even on it.

MTV: But I'm sure you keep it very close to you.

LBW: Yeah.

MTV: Are you a big Mickey Mouse fan?

LBW: No, not at all. It was just flooded with diamonds, and he just gave it to me. I like the Mickey Mouse and everything, but the diamonds is what makes it stand out. If this was like just a regular Mickey Mouse chain, then it probably wouldn't be like that.

MTV: On the radio, they're playing the Destiny's Child "Jumpin' Jumpin'" remix a lot, which you're on. How do you feel when you're sitting in the car or you're at home and all of the sudden you hear yourself on the radio?

LBW: Sometimes I just turn it down, 'cause for some reason, when I'm in a bad mood, I just don't feel like hearing music, and I definitely never feel like hearing myself for some reason. I don't know. But if I'm in a happy mood and I hear it, like the first time when they played it, I was happy. I was real excited. But after a while, as you just keep hearing yourself on the radio, it's just like listening to someone else over and over and over again. [RealVideo]

MTV: What so far has been the most difficult part of being a child star?

LBW: Oh, man. Missing out on stuff, especially sports, 'cause I'm a big sports person, and missing out on football [season] was already crazy enough. Oh, man, when basketball [season] comes, I don't know. [Laughs] We'll have to probably try to work something out. I gotta play basketball.

MTV: What has been the best part?

LBW: The best part is probably like getting the fans, being noticed, and just making records, keep making the hits. Right now, we're at the number on rap single in the country and the number 1 R&B song, so you know that's powerful. When you just jump from hip-hop to R&B, that's like saying [you're] R&B like R. Kelly, compared to [straight hip-hop] like Da Brat. It's kinda hard, 'cause I really mix, so it's hard for me to just be placed number one in rap singles and number one in R&B. I feel real blessed about that, so everything's doing real good right about now.

MTV: When you got started, did you think you would become this successful, or were you kind of surprised?

LBW: I was kind of surprised, because I was thinking that people might not notice me like they did way back in the past, 'cause that was a long time ago. For people to notice me after all them years back, it just made me want to keep doing more and more and more.

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