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"Bounce With Me" [RealVideo]


Lil' Bow Wow on......
hitting the "Chronic" stage at six
getting his name from Snoop
"I never get nervous..."
not skipping school
how his friends treat him now
meeting JD
writing lyrics
his one starstruck moment
clubs and parties
being a role model
the iced-out Mickey Mouse
hearing himself on the radio
the pros and cons of stardom
his surprising success
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"Bounce With Me" [RealVideo]
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"Bounce With Me" [RealAudio]

MTV News: When you were six years old, you were on the "Chronic" tour. How did that happen?

Lil' Bow Wow: When I was at the age of six, my thing was to rap. After watching Snoop and N.W.A., it just made me just wanna rap so much. So as I kept listening to 'em, I would just get anything that looked like a microphone and walk around the house and rap. When the "Chronic" tour came to Columbus, Ohio, which is where I'm from, I had got onstage and I started rapping, and Snoop liked it. He put me backstage, and when I was backstage, he was telling me how good I was for a little six year old. The next day he flew me to L.A., and that's how things got started.

MTV: Did you just jump onstage, or did somebody pull you up there?

LBW: Every act had a little break between 'em. I got on stage during the break and I just started rapping. I was rapping about, you know, just little kid things at the age of six, like toys, school, "1,2,3," stuff like that.

MTV: Snoop flew you out to L.A. and gave you your name. Can you tell us about that?

LBW: When I went out to L.A. with Snoop, I had done a couple of little shows, and I finished the tour out with Snoop. That day he said, "YOur name is gonna be Bow Wow. We're gonna change it." I didn't like it; he did. Since everybody had dog names, it kinda just flowed. I was like "Well, OK, that's fine," and I just kept that name ever since. I ain't gonna change it.

MTV: What would you have named yourself?

LBW: Mmm, I don't know. I have no clue.

MTV: You're six years old, and you're onstage performing in front of all those people. Were you scared or nervous at all?

LBW: Well, performing in front of all those people, it made me just wanna do more. When I see a large crowd, it excites me. If I see a little crowd, it really doesn't excite me, but I know that I have to give 100 percent every time for each person. My thing is, I never get nervous before I go on, 'cause I pray before I go on.

MTV: How about school? Do you have a tutor that goes with you on the road?

LBW: As far as school's concerned, if I'm in my hometown, which is Columbus, Ohio, I will be attending school. If I'm on the road working, I'm gonna have a tutor.

MTV: You are certainly are living an exciting life right now, but do you ever miss going to school with the other kids?

LBW: Yeah. Sometimes I miss a lot of things. But most of the time we try our best to make sure that I can do certain things. As far as football, like, I missed some of football [season] this year, but I'm gonna play my last game, so hopefully that's gonna be pretty good. I really never miss out on anything big, 'cause everything big is in the music industry.

MTV: When you go home, how do your friends treat you now?

LBW: They treat me the same. My friends at school, they don't treat me no different.

MTV: And what about the little girls?

LBW: The girls treat me different. "Go with him, he got money." Their parents be saying, "Go with him."

MTV: Really?

LBW: Yeah.

MTV: That's interesting. Now, how did you meet up with Jermaine Dupri?

LBW: Well, a friend of mine sent the tape to Jermaine. Jermaine liked the tape, and he said, "We gotta fly this kid out to Atlanta." He flew me down to Atlanta, and I had met with Jermaine, me and my parents, and Jermaine was liking it. He had a show that night, and I had did that show with him and Jay-Z. That's how the Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, and So So Def thing came.

MTV: They write lyrics for you without profanity in them. Do you ever write for yourself?

LBW: When I'm at home, I write for myself. Next album, I will be writing a whole bunch of things.

MTV: What kinds of topics are you going to address?

LBW: Basically, I try to tell things that involve my daily life or that come with my daily life. We couldn't start the album without Jermaine hanging around me for a whole year, just writing about everyday things we do or we talk about.

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