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Richard Patrick

bassist Frank Cavanagh

guitarist Geno Lenardo

drummer Steven Gillis
MTV Radio Network: How has the Family Values tour been so far?

Richard Patrick: Unbelievably cool. The audiences are amazing. All the bands are amazing. We especially like hanging out with Limp, 'cause they're such sweet dudes. We had a little bit of a problem with some bottles being thrown around in the audience, but I told Fred [Durst], and he was like, "Yeah, let's hunker down with some of the security at the new venues and make sure that no glass containers make it in." That was about the only scary thing. But really, hanging out with all the bands has been great. There's no rock star bull crap to deal with. Everybody's cool, and everybody just wants to hang out and enjoy each other's music.

MTV: How does it feel to be back on the road after so long?

RP: I couldn't think of a better way to do it. We went to Europe for about two weeks, just to kind of warm up, and that was cool because, you know, we've been going to Europe for so long, and it seemed like they didn't care, and now they really, really want us to be there. So we're actually gaining ground in all the other countries, as well. So we were in 2,000-seat theaters in Europe, and then all of a sudden we come over here and play in front of 10,000 kids a night. It's so much fun. We bring out our pyro stuff and bring our lights, and we just turn it into a big ol' rock concert. Why not, right?

MTV: How is the stuff from the new record going over with the fans?

RP: I think it's going over well. Obviously, we play stuff like "Hey Man, Nice Shot," stuff the kids know. But when we come out with "Welcome To The Fold" and other new things they go crazy, too.

MTV: It's been four years between albums, and this album is kicking rock in the ass, which is what it needed. How do you feel about that?

RP: Well, I really like hearing it. [Laughs] When I started passing out tapes to my family and friends, I considered them biased as hell. I mean, my brother Robert, he's so supportive. I'll play him a piece of crap, and he'll say, "That's the greatest thing ever!" But you get beyond that and you start getting to record company people.

Our record company was saying, "Hey man, you guys gotta finish your record, blah, blah, blah." They were kind of mad at us, and then we handed it in and they were totally blown away. I wanted to make something really unique and really amazing, and every song had to be special, and that's why it took a little bit longer than I wanted it to. But when all is said and done, and the president of the record company sits there and says, "Hey, you really did do something pretty amazing, and I'm very proud that you stuck to your guns and did it the way you wanted to," that's just very reassuring.

I mean, I'm the biggest fan of the record. I hate to sound like a total dweeb, but I listened to it last night. And you know what? Sammy and Wes from Limp Bizkit came in and totally busted me, and kind of made fun of me, but then they started singing along. It's great to know that a lot of hard work can pay off.

MTV: Why is there such a good vibe between you and the Limp Bizkit guys?

RP: They're exactly like us, huge music fans. They love all types of different stuff, and my record goes from rock to acoustic, to very electronic, to kind of industrial, and back to rock again. I'm trying to break all these labels, because I don't want to fit into a genre. I want to be a hybrid of all of them, and that's the way Limp Bizkit is.

MTV: Was it tough when you and Brian Liesegang parted company after "Short Bus"?

RP: Oh, well, I think that's what has to happen. Since then I've developed with this band. Geno [Lenardo] came in and wrote two songs. Frank Cavanaugh's playing bass on "Cancer." I don't work with Brian anymore because he's very program-oriented, whereas I'm very visceral. Strings, bass, cello... I love instruments like that.

Of course, I have no problem with programmed stuff. I love programming drumbeats. Geno programs too, and Rae DiLeo did a lot of work on the record. I just think it's really important that we be ourselves.

MTV: Speaking of instruments you love, I've heard you're excited about your new guitar.

RP: It's a f***ing beautiful guitar, a new Fender Telecaster completely designed to my specs. I have to throw a shout-out to Alex Perez. Baby, you did a good job. We worked on it, down to the coat of paint. Everything. The pickups, the neck... I even picked out the wood with him in the lumberyard. It's pretty amazing.

MTV: Back to the tour. How long are you out on the road this time?

RP: I'm out for eleven months and then I go back and write the next record, because the records keep the band alive, and making them keeps us all centered and happy. We went on the road for more than two years back in the day, and it really started to bog down.

MTV: So the next record won't take three, four years?

RP: There will not be a two-year or four-year gap. One year touring, exactly, to the day of the record's release, and then I'm out.

MTV: What other stuff is happening on the road?

RP: Well I'm using a digital camera, so that there can be snap shots of every show, in the dressing room, and stuff, put on the Web site. You know, if I'm hanging out with my new guitar, that's a great opportunity for the camera. Yeah, I'm gonna keep the fans on the Web totally in tune with Filter.

MTV: You guys playing any music shows, any TV, besides the Family Values thing?

RP: MTV, I hope.

MTV: At the MTV studio?

RP: Wherever they want us to do it. All I know is I got a free plane ticket to Times Square, the center of the universe, baby! Manhattan, heck yeah, I'm not gonna miss that.

MTV: Where else is there to be?

RP: Exactly. London? No! Paris? No! Australia? No! I mean, I love those places, but I'm an American, and that's where I'm gonna be. New York City.

MTV: Do you have the next single picked out?

RP: Well, I released "Welcome To The Fold," and all of a sudden DJs all over the world are playing "Take A Picture." So I guess that's the next single. I had no choice in the matter.

MTV: Do you have a favorite song from the new record?

RP: Actually, my favorite song is "Take A Picture." It brings up the happiest time in my life, I think. One time when I was just running around a plane naked. Ha! I had a lot of fun on that plane trip.

MTV: Are things a little more toned down for you these days, or are you still running around naked on planes?

RP: No, I don't run around naked on planes anymore. I run around in my own studio naked quite a bit. Occasionally I'll get naked on the bus. The guys hate it, but what am I supposed to do? No, no, I'm just kidding. I'm pretty much toning it down, you know. I'm all about business now.

MTV: Uh-huh. Anything else?

RP: [Laughs] No, that's pretty much it.