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 Eminem gets calls about injured loved ones, makes calls about hot hip-hop beats ...

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 D12's Proof tries to steal a car, woo a woman with promises of chicken noodle soup ...

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 Olivia zeroes in on the 'meat,' and Em and 50 spy on each other from backstage ...

Go behind closed doors with Fif and watch Lil Jon barbecue with beer, on Overdrive.

50 Cent: From Pieces To Weight

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— by Corey Moss, with additional reporting by SuChin Pak

SAN JOSE, California — Sitting in the middle of an empty arena with the two superstars who are about to fill it is slightly overwhelming, even for the two superstars.

"I don't mean to say that we got all the talent over this way, but ..." Eminem says over the sound of his set being constructed.

"Just most of it," interrupts his top protégé, 50 Cent, flashing his pearly whites.

"It's heavily weighed on our side, yeah," Em finishes.

Hip-hop's dream duo love nothing more than singing each other's praises, but it doesn't end there. In their eyes, each artist on the Anger Management 3 tour is a superstar. And that's Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz. That's D12: Proof, Bizarre, Swift, Kuniva and Kon Artis. That's G-Unit: Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Olivia. That's M.O.P. and Mobb Deep. That's Obie Trice and Stat Quo.

MTV Exclusive: Go behind closed doors with Eminem and 50 Cent and watch Lil Jon barbecue with beer, on Overdrive.

"Tonight [the crowd] will see Stat and Obie come out in the spot [during Em's show] I was coming out in," 50 says, referring to his first Anger Management tour. "And then gradually they'll see them turn into the next 50 Cents."

Eminem and 50 are certainly two different personalities, but on this summer rap tour they're playing the same role: the proud parent.

They brag about the albums coming from their rosters like they are their kids' school projects. They nurture their artists. And, on occasion, they even discipline them.

Eminem can hardly handle talking about the recent bus accident that could've killed Stat Quo and his DJ, Alchemist. 50 makes sure he's had a personal conversation with every member of G-Unit before he goes to bed each night. "It's all one gigantic family," Em says.

Shortly before crossing paths with 50, while making the five-minute tour-bus trek from his hotel to the HP Pavilion, the tour's headliner takes a phone call from his other family — his real one. It's the kind of call any parent dreads. His daughter, Hailie, might have just broken her toe and definitely needs stitches.

"She'll be all right, Hailie's a little trooper," Em says later. "It's tough. 'Cause one side of you wants to be on the road and be glad you're with your friends. I mean, my friends are basically part of my family. But my family family at home, it's tough to be away from them, and you want to be there when those things happen. Those are the moments you say, 'I should have been there.' "

A few weeks earlier, Eminem received another one of those dreaded calls, this one from his friends family. It was Stat Quo, the latest signing to Shady Records, calling from an ambulance.

"I didn't want to see pictures or anything. I just wanted to know everything was all right."
"He's in a neck brace and I'm just telling him everything's going to be all right," Em recalls soberly, looking across his own bus at Stat. Eminem, of course, had no idea everything was OK, and it wasn't until days later that he learned none of the injuries were life-threatening.

"I didn't want to see pictures or anything. I just wanted to know everything was all right," says Em, who still has not seen footage of the wreckage. "Not knowing the outcome was a little nerve-racking. We did a prayer backstage for everyone who was hurt."

Eminem prays with his crew just before going onstage every night. In San Jose, it's the only time his dressing-room door is open. Other than a pair of interviews in the arena, he keeps quiet behind that door.

50 spends a little more time meandering backstage, even stopping to watch his crew throw dice in the G-Unit dressing room, but he, too, spends the majority of his time in a quiet room without an alcoholic beverage or groupie in sight. "That's 'cause we just gettin' here," he jokes.

  Anger Management Tour photos
"We try to [socialize] when we get a chance, but the truth is we are busy," Em explains. "It's a lot of business to be worked out. But we got a little basketball court we take out, we got the gym ... there's a studio bus. Whenever we get that extra second to do something, it's basically about the music and kicking it. I do think the closer you are as friends, the better the music turns out, the better the chemistry is."

On off nights, Eminem usually flies back to Detroit to see Hailie, his niece Alaina and his ex-wife, Kim, whom he is trying to "make things right with," he tells the audience in San Jose. He also spends those nights in his home studio, working on music for his artists, including 50.

"He calls in the middle of the night at two in the morning and I'm like, 'What does he want?' " 50 says. "He's in the studio and he plays something through the phone. I'm like, 'It's hot, it's hot. I'mma call you in the morning.' Sometimes it's not what I'm looking for, but I tell him it's hot anyway 'cause it's two in the morning."

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Photo: MTV News

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