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Bo does his Constantine impression and Vonzell reveals Anthony's S&M secret ...

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Fans create a Darth Constantine and Anwar salutes the late Luther Vandross ...

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Nikko starts tossing clothes into the crowd and Constantine rocks the voters ...

Backstage at American Idols Live!

American Idols Live!

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"People know I like antiques and stuff, so they sent me this decorative old suitcase," Constantine says. "My fans are smart and they have nice taste. They sent me a couple of DVDs. 'Almost Famous.' How funny is that? They catch my sort of tongue-in-cheek humor."

 Video: Constantine shows off his scrapbooks

Taking up the most space are three leather-bound binders (labeled "Constantine," "James" and "Maroulis") of letters, poems, drawings and collages made by his fans and gathered by one of his fan clubs. One of the binders includes a picture of Darth Vader with Constantine's head superimposed.

"They know I'm a 'Star Wars' fan," he says, pulling out a pin with the words "Revenge of the Sixth" and explaining, "It's 'cause I got voted off at number six. It's sort of like 'Defeat the evil empire.' "

As he flips through the pages, his face glows. "I'm so grateful for this," he continues. "It's crazy. Like, 'Carrie and Bo who?' No, I'm just kidding. They probably have 20 [suitcases of gifts]."

For the most part, the Idols avoid talking about who finished ahead of whom, but it occasionally comes out in off-the-cuff remarks like this one. "American Idol" is a competition, after all. "Don't let Bo fool you, 'cause we all wanted to win," Constantine says, referring to Bo's claim that he was relieved to come in second.

It's the fans and the media who occasionally make things uncomfortable for the singers, like when a reporter for a local affiliate tells Constantine, "Congratulations, I heard you just got married." (That was Bo, actually.) Or when, during an afternoon meet-and-greet, fan after fan tells Carrie they actually voted for Bo. "Oh my God," she whispers during a break. "Do they realize how small that makes you feel?"

Regardless, Carrie smiles as she signs autographs and poses for pictures. She seems to enjoy interacting with fans, whether it's back at the hotel in the morning ("I love your accent," a little girls tell her. "My accent? I didn't know I had one," she responds), or at the voluntary after-show meet-and-greet.

According to Bo, Carrie brought the fewest pieces of clothing of the women on the tour (his way of saying she's low-maintenance). Today she's wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "Lost in Music" glistening on the front, ripped jeans and white bug-eye sunglasses. Anwar, on the other hand, is sporting a hot pink button-up with flared sleeves.

Flipping through the men's sizable wardrobe rack ("The boys have more clothes than we do," Carrie claims), Anwar shows off a black shirt with sequins he wears in the show. "This is a little less conventional, that would be mine," he says. "Me and Bo kinda go neck-and-neck in fashion."

"You're more GQ," Carrie says.

"I'm more like a slouchy redneck," Bo chimes in with a smile.

Along with being the best-dressed, Anwar also claims the most poignant moment during the show, when he dedicates "A House Is Not a Home" to the late Luther Vandross.

"I found out in rehearsal that he had passed, one of my friends back home had left me a voicemail message," Anwar recalls as he strolls the backstage hallways. "I was devastated. I didn't want to believe it. ... So from then on the song took on a whole new meaning for me. I would love to carry the torch for him."

Around the same time Anwar heard about Luther, Vonzell received some devastating news about her favorite act: Destiny's Child were breaking up.

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"I cried," she says. "I have to find out a day where I can see them and get backstage and meet them. The bass player in our band knows Michelle [Williams], or her brother, so I'm like, 'When was the last time you talked to Michelle?' Every time we get our hair or makeup done [with someone new], I'm like, 'Have you worked with Destiny's Child?' In my room, you can't see the walls or ceiling 'cause it's all Destiny's Child posters."

Vonzell adores Destiny's Child, but her first love is Minnie Mouse. "I have so many Minnies, I don't even know how many I have," she says. "Some are on my bed. Some are up on the shelf. I've got all the different ones that they do for each season. My favorite Minnie Mouse is all white, but it's a big one, so I couldn't bring it."

She did bring a few Minnies on tour, including one her former post office co-workers got her that has become part of her pre-show ritual. "I sit with her before the show and meditate," she says. "I just love her so much and she brings me good luck."

Vonzell's other ritual is a special drink she's developed over the years. She makes two tonight: one for her and one for Nadia.

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