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Bo does his Constantine impression and Vonzell reveals Anthony's S&M secret ...

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Fans create a Darth Constantine and Anwar salutes the late Luther Vandross ...

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Nikko starts tossing clothes into the crowd and Constantine rocks the voters ...

Backstage at American Idols Live!

American Idols Live!

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— by Corey Moss

Last year, MTV News' Corey Moss joined the "American Idol" finalists as they kicked off their American Idols Live tour in Salt Lake City (see "On The Road With America's Idols"). Earlier this month he joined the tour again to see how this season's finalists adjusted to performing in front of arena crowds instead of TV cameras.

TAMPA, Florida — Bo Bice puckers his lips, cocks his head to the right and crosses his arms at his waist.

"Who am I?" he quizzes Carrie Underwood.

"Constantine," she says, disguising her answer in a cough.

"Now who am I?" he responds, flashing a smile, raising his right hand out and up and spreading his legs.

"Fedorov," Underwood answers.

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This is how the stars of the American Idols Live tour stay entertained backstage — by mocking each other.

"Anthony Fedorov wears those," Vonzell Solomon announces minutes later, pointing toward a pair of knee-high black leather boots on a table in the women's dressing room. "There's some whips and chains and handcuffs in the locker. He's into some crazy stuff."

"That's why he don't speak too good," Bo adds. "He's always being spanked."

"I'm the one who gets picked on all the time," the Ukraine-born Fedorov says as he admires the empty St. Petersburg Times Forum, which the tour is hitting for its second night. "Bo and Scott pick on everyone, but I'm the youngest one of the guys, so I get the most." He doesn't mind, though. "If Bo doesn't pick on me today, I'm wondering if I did something wrong, 'cause that means he loves me."

If Fedorov is in fact the most picked on, Constantine Maroulis is a close second.

Later, while capturing backstage footage with her own camera, Jessica Sierra turns the lens on Constantine and asks, "Show me your kick, but don't fall this time." It's a reference to a widely circulated interview from the night of the "American Idol" finale in which the 29-year-old New Yorker slips while showing a reporter one of his signature moves.

"These guys won't let me live that one down," Constantine says. "People thought I was [drunk], but it was slippery surface and I had brand-new cowboy boots on."

Jessica laughs, puckers her lips and stares into the camera. "It's the Constantine look!"

 "I think everyone would be surprised that we cut each other up all the time ..." — Constantine Maroulis

"I think everyone would be surprised that we cut each other up all the time," Constantine says later, alone in the wardrobe room. "We keep it loose. Because when you're dealing with that kind of high-pressure situation, going out in front of like 15,000 people or going live in front of 50 million people [on 'Idol'], you have to not take it all so seriously, but yet take the work serious enough to do your job. We have a good time and we're a big family and we all love each other very much."

"Family" is the term the Idols most often use when describing their unique relationships, which they formed while competing on America's top-rated show this spring. And like any family, each of the 10 singers on the tour has their own role.

Underwood, the show's winner, is one of the youngest, but she's the most like a mother figure. "She sweet," Jessica says. "And Carrie's quiet. When she's mad, she won't tell you. She doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

Jessica, on the other hand, is the opposite — "brutally honest," as she puts it. And like Bo and Scott, she provides comic relief. Vonzell and Nadia Turner fall somewhere more in the middle, the mediators.

As for the other guys, Anwar Robinson is the nurturer, often putting his music-teacher skills to use by helping others work through their songs. "If they ask me, I'll happily offer some advice, but it's nice, though, 'cause everybody's competent at what they're doing," he says.

Fedorov is the philosopher, constantly reflecting on what he calls "the ultimate dream" of being on tour. Nikko Smith is the quiet one, but get him talking about the album he's making back in St. Louis and he oozes with enthusiasm.

And then there's Constantine. He's a bit like the cool older brother with great taste in music (he calls Queens of the Stone Age one of his favorites), except he happens to take a lot of flack.

His fans, on the other hand, worship him more than fans of any other finalist. On the average show night, he receives three dozen roses, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of gifts he's received since appearing on the first "Idol" episode in January. He's accumulated so much stuff that tonight he's packing two suitcases' worth to ship home, one of which was a gift itself.

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