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Later, in the wee hours of the morning as 50 pushes a model — who has stripped down to her underwear — on one of the swings in the club inside his house, he smiles, clearly reveling in the company, even if it is just for one night. It's certainly not the norm — 50 lives all alone in his 18-bedroom mansion.

"It is just me," the rapper reveals about his family unit. "I don't spend much time with my son 'cause I'm traveling. I don't pay child support from no court telling me I have to pay child support, I support them 'cause that's my son's mother and that's my son. I'll just take care of him financially and make sure his school and everything is set up proper. But to be honest with you, I'm running around [so I don't see him much]."

As far as a female companion to spend time with in his home, he doesn't have any long-term prospects at the moment. His last high-profile relationship was with actress Vivica A. Fox; since then, he hasn't been publicly linked to any other women.

  "If it's not right for me, I move away from it and I don't allow myself an opportunity to fall back in a situation that isn't good for me."
50 and Fox parted ways shortly after showing up together at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. And while Fif has referenced her in such songs as The Massacre's "Get in My Car" with lines like, "When I was with Vivica I thought I was onto something/ Then the next week, nah, it was nothing," Fox remained silent — until this past June at the BET Awards in L.A.

At the event, Fox addressed reporters, saying, "50 Cent likes to think he made me sexy. I just had to get that out in the universe and let him know that no, he did not. I did Tae Bo three to five times a week all the time and watched what I put in my mouth. I been holding my tongue not saying nothing, letting him talk all kinds of sh--. All of a sudden I'm exploiting him? How long I been here, y'all? I don't got to exploit nobody. My films have grossed over $1 billion worldwide."

At Sparks, 50 explained their breakup. "People started saying that she was hot 'cause of me at that point, and I never said that," he said with a smile after denying the widespread rumor that she was stalking him. "I didn't do nothing to her. I think I didn't give her any closure in [our relationship]. When I felt it wasn't a good situation for me, I just shut off."

"Shutting off" meant 50 not returning her phone calls and changing his number, effectively ending communication with the woman he shouted out onstage at the VMAs.

"If it's not right for me, I move away from it and I don't allow myself an opportunity to fall back in a situation that isn't good for me," he added. "So me having a conversation with her might have led to me being around longer in a situation that wasn't good for me. So I just moved away."

If you listen to The Massacre's "Ryder Music," Fox isn't the only actress he's gotten busy with. 50 brags about having sex with half of Hollywood on that record. On the new Tweet remix of "Turn Da Lights Off," Fif openly raps about lusting after other actresses, such as Regina King, Angelina Jolie and Elise Neal.

As he tells it, the next woman he has a serious relationship with doesn't have to be famous, but she should have her "own thing."

"I'm working my way to being respected as if I'm equivalent to Eminem and Dre."
"I have to be excited about the person to the point that I'm interested in their conversation," he elaborates. "I've seen women ... everything you could imagine that's attractive, I've seen it in the last two years."

Two years ago, 50's biggest concern personally and professionally was "fitting in" with Dr. Dre and Eminem. Today, 50 says he almost feels like an equal to the men whom he says gave him his "last chance" in the music industry.

"You know what it does," 50 says of his success, "it makes me fit in because both Eminem and Dre are bosses. I fit into that and I'm working my way to being respected as if I'm equivalent to Eminem and Dre.

"I'm happy," he muses, "I ain't never imagine that."

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