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Amin Saddiq Trayvon Peters Known As YoungGoldie , A 17 year old phenomenon upcoming rapper from Baltimore,Maryland . Not only a rapper did i mention that he is a photographer , videographer , graphic designer and Dancer ? Yes, multi-talented and strives for success . His work ethic and dedication to make it as a mainstream recording artist has came a long way . This All Started at age 4 , when his mom (Hilda Ellison) Was Married To a guy who was into the underground music heavy in baltimore .

The young star had to suffer a tragic family problem which occurred between the two married ones . Mom ended up in the hospital & her husband was sentenced . That had a big effect on the star's career , He was held from doing a lot of things far as the music industry at the moment . He wasn't ready to cancel out on his dreams , so he did school talent shows ant local events around the city . up until age 12.

Years went by and he build his home studio , Released a single & Music Video called "I Did it i do it !" Recorded from a webcam That hit over 20,000 views in a week on youtube . "My God Father Tony , My Sister's father seen my potential !" He Set me up on a Day to Meet R&B Superstar Mario Barrett's Mother and we bonded . She mentored me and we became close , worked with me in the studio , took me to other studios to meet people ". Mario had a show in Baltimore a while back and surprised him . "She took me to go see Mario , He already knew my name , and i was kinda shocked that he looked at some of my videos before " . The Two Bonded as brothers but most important of all Mario got to mentor YoungGoldie .

As If today , YoungGoldie Continues to become one of the best artists in the music industry everyday . "I Work Hard! & i put my story in the music !" . Now Is Releasing music independently and is creating a buzz for the YoungGoldie Name!

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