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If the words brilliant, and eclectic are terms to define one’s sense of boundaryless creativity then these words would best describe Mr. Young Mennace and his edgy push of the envelop music style. The 29 year old artist/songwriter/producer began performing as well as producing full length records by time he was 15 not many can say they were skipped a grade to high school a year early to then become the star of his high school by the end of his freshman year many would call Cortland “Young Mennace” Davis’s life a movie from being mentored by music industry alumni’s like Prince’s keyboard player Morris Hayes, the late Jack Robinson Co-founder of The Institute Of Production & Recording, and David T.C. Ellis Prince’s first rap artist {Graffiti Bridge}.

By the time he was 25 he had already produced music for some of cable and network television’s biggest shows as well as a Budlight commercial starring T-Pain for Super Bowl 44. Mr. Young Mennace is no stranger to woes of life as well from his family being homeless to the death of his older brother which put the world on his shoulders by becoming the oldest and having to provide for his mother and siblings.

Mr. Young Mennace’s talent is his expression of what he has been through blended with his idea of how music should sound with songs ranging from pop to hip hop/rap with songs like “LoverBoy” the radio single from his new album “LightYearZ” is a blend of country, hip hop, and pop and after being featured on “The Pauly D Project” [Mtv} fans flocked to find the song online, then there are songs like “Outta Control” this latin inspired pop/dance/hip hop track has been featured on tv shows like: Heart of Dixie {CW}, Jersey Shore {Mtv}, and The Bad Girls Club {Oxygen} this is deafeningly his club single, then there are street anthem’s like “Who The F*** R U” were Mennace shows of his puchline skills over a raw bass pounding beat and deals a blow to those that thought he was only radio and pop records. With his breath of fresh air rap style and energetic musical diversity as well as his off the wall swag Mr. Young Mennace next big brand waiting to be discovered.