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Official Site: | @MrYinkaOyewole
He’s been heralded as 'the missing link between Talking Heads and Prince' but British/Nigerian singer/songwriter Yinka Oyewole is carving out a musical niche that is all his own.

Having fronted critically acclaimed rock band SABATTA, Yinka started on a new journey in 2012 - adapting funk, hip-hop, soul, rock and more.. Through songs packed with insistent grooves, unrelenting hooks and soulful vocals, Yinka creates that rare combination - music that makes you move to and gives you something to think about.

While Yinka has been influenced by and drawn comparisons to artists such as Sly Stone, David Bowie, Funkadelic and Elvis Costello, he is a huge classic era hip-hop fan and also draws upon his Nigerian heritage via syncopated rhythms, while seamlessly weaving these together with excellent storytelling into the fabric of his compositions.

Yinka has played across the globe - including the UK, USA, Sweden, Turkey and France. Uncompromising and defiantly individual, Yinka is as true an artist as you will ever see - unswayed by fashion and trends, Yinka fashions his songs with heart, intensity and genuine emotion.

Expect his debut album late 2013.

Yinka's new single Little Hipster Girl Lost is out Aug 19 - for the story behind the song check out the blog: