Abzooba is an data analytics company based out of Kolkata, Pune, and California, US. Founded in 2010 by IT professionals with decades of relevant experience, Abzooba team comprises graduates from premier engineering colleges like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Abzooba is involved in doing ground-breaking and pioneering research work in areas like software product engineering, data mining, high end data analytics, natural language processing, semantic technologies, machine learning, and analysis of structured and unstructured data. As of 2013, Abzooba has acquired a gamut of customers, primarily in the US, and are also in the process of acquiring Indian customers. The flagship offering of Abzooba is in the field of Social Media Analytics- for analysis of large amounts of unstructured text in social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter and other social review domains. The primary product of Abzooba, is Xpresso, focused on the automated distillation of expressions in social media conversations. A complaint, a suggestion, a request, a question, an acknowledgement, an opinion are but a few kinds of expressions ubiquitous in social media conversations today. Apart from expression type, Xpresso also gives sentiment type and the aspect the convesation speaks about. Apart from the field of Data science, Abzooba also has a dedicated team for Product Engineering Services. Abzooba focusses on projects from the domains of Web and Mobile (iOS, Android) apps, SMS integration, Parallelization, High Performance Databases, Data Warehousing, e-Commerce, Structure unstructured data, Big Data and Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Semantics, Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analytics, Social Media Assimilation and Analytics

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