X-perimental was a British children's science magazine show that ran from 2003 to 2004 on CBBC. It originally aired on BBC One and repeated on the CBBC Channel. Series 1 was presented by Ortis Deley and Holly Willoughby who then both left to move on to present other shows. Series 2 was then presented by CBBC continuity presenter Simon Grant alongside science reporter Jane Farnham. Presenters: Series 1: Ortis Deley and Holly Willoughby, Series 2: Simon Grant and Jane Farnham, Show time and channel: Originally, X-perimental was shown on BBC One for both series, but series 2 was repeated on the CBBC Channel. Series 1 was shown on Mondays at 4pm, but the time changed for Series 2 which was shown at 4:25pm on Wednesdays. Format: Series 1: In the first series, two teams of 3 from different schools would battle in various science experiments and the objective was to get in 1st or 2nd on the X-perimental leaderboard. Then the top two at the end of the series would compete to become X-perimental champions. Series 2: In the second series, there was the studio audience who had to guess to right outcomes of the experiments with an A, B or C option. The audience designs are also put to the test for real life situations e.g. a burglary. Related links: Eureka TV

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