XING (pronounced Crossing) is a beach pop band from London and Los Angeles. It is composed of Jack Moore and AR Smith. Career: A demo of XING's first single 'Fate' was uploaded to Soundcloud in December 2013. The band uploaded the track to get the opinion's of close friends, however, the song was a viral hit and gained over 150,000 plays in its first year and a half online. The song is indie/folk in genre. The band uploaded 'Fate' to YouTube accompanying an edited version of Le Ballon Rouge or "The Red Balloon," which is an Oscar winning French film from 1958, in early 2014. Jack Moore and AR Smith met through mutual friends. Moore's childhood friend Dhani Harrison introduced him to various songwriters, one of whom worked frequently with AR Smith. Moore and Smith wrote and recorded 'Fate' the first day they met each other. Harrison would supply backing vocals a month later. "Fate (Demo)" was first debuted on radio by KCRW in November 2014. Jack Moore is the son of respected blues guitarist Gary Moore. Fate EP: XING is set to release the 4-song Fate EP in 2015. The track titles are: Fate, Gold, Vampire, and Glimmer. The band is recognized by followers through its distinctive unicorn mascot. The unicorn frequently appears in their artwork, videos, and photos of the duo. Members: Birth name Date of birth Notes Jack Moore (1987-10-12) October 12, 1987 (age 27) AR Smith (1987-12-20) December 20, 1987 (age 27)

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