Xiayong Chen (born 13 May 1955) is a Chinese composer living in Germany. Biography: Xiaoyong Chen first studied the composition at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music and from 1980 until 1985 composition. In 1985 he moved to Germany and there attended the Music Academy of Hamburg to complete his studies with György Ligeti. Chen works frequently as a Guest Professor in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and other places. Since 1987 he has been a lecturer at the University of Hamburg at the Asia-Africa Institute and he is self-employed. Style: Chen's style of composition is close to the Asian mentality, where the creation and development of the sound is in the centre of attention. His works consist of a seemingly simple sound event which will develop in unexpected ways. Chen regards the process of composing as communication with the sound; he tries to find and show the possibilities the sound provides. It is for this reason that Chen's works create an open atmosphere which leads, while listening, to the impression that neither composer nor listener can know where the music is leading. Key Works: Warp, 1994, for chamber orchestra Evapora, 1996, for ensemble Invisible Landscapes, 1998, for zheng, percussion, piano and ensemble Interlaced Landscapes, 1999, for orchestra Speechlessness, Clearness and Ease, 2004, for mixed ensemble Floating Colours, 2006, for orchestra Colours of Dreams, 2008, for orchestra

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