Producer Brian Wayy is the mastermind behind Xcultures, an ethnic fusion project designed to meld a variety of world music samples with ethereal ambient synths and contemporary electronic beats. The sound is similar to Deep Forest or Enigma, but drawing from a wider palette of indigenous influences, from Scottish folk and Russian monastic chanting to Moroccan and West African vocal and percussion styles. Wayy began forming his production expertise during the late '80s, when he worked as a remixer, programmer, and sometime songwriter on records by mainstream Top 40 hitmakers like Paula Abdul, Stevie B., Rod Stewart, Wilson Phillips, Diana Ross, the Doobie Brothers, and RuPaul. From there, he moved into television scoring work circa 1994, and subsequently began pursuing his more personal muse with the Xcultures project. The debut Xcultures album, One World One People, was released in early 2000. ~ Steve Huey, Rovi