Most uses of Xavier are directly or indirectly derived from Francis Xavier and are therefore likely to have a Catholic connotation. It may refer to: The given name Xavier, The surname Xavier, Contents 1 Educational institutions, 2 Fiction, 3 Music, 4 Sports, 5 See also, Educational institutions: Xavier, a list of notable schools named after St. Francis Xavier, see List of schools named after Francis Xavier. Fiction: Xavier: Renegade Angel, animated television series, Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, fictional school based at the X-Mansion, Professor X, (real name Charles Xavier), fictional Marvel Comics character, Music: "Xavier", a song by Dead Can Dance from the album Within the Realm of a Dying Sun, Xavier Serbia, financial advisor who was sometimes referred to, during his days as a singer, as "Xavier de Menudo", the band he belonged to., Sports: Xavier Musketeers, the athletic program of Xavier University in Cincinnati

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