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Xavier Cardriche is an American singer-songwriter. He was born in Brooklyn to immigrant parents and attended university in the United States. He currently lives in New York and on the road, where he spends his days writing and working as an artist.

To date, Xavier has released two proper recordings: Sorta-like-a-demo (2006) was a five-song EP; In Due Time, an eight-song EP, was released in 2011. All of his music has been self-released and distributed digitally.

Xavier has performed in both American and European markets and has shared bills with acts such as Spin Doctors, Jack L., and Richard Julian. Xavier has toured the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, and Costa Rica by self-booking his tours, playing numerous shows abroad.

In 2013, Xavier will release his third recording and first album, Barter the Bard. At the heart of his next project, Xavier calls on the experiences of the immigrant and their virtues. In loyalty to Folk, Latin, and Celtic music, a hybrid of sounds are fixed for each story.

From clubs to cafes, he frequently performs in New York and the Northeast, both solo and with his band.