Xanadu may refer to: Contents 1 Places, 2 Art, entertainment, and media 2.1 Film, 2.2 Games, 2.3 Literature, 2.4 Music 2.4.1 Companies and labels, 2.4.2 Albums, 2.4.3 Songs, , 2.5 Stage productions, 2.6 Television, , 3 Other uses, 4 See also, Places: Xanadu, China, or Shangdu, the summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan empire, Xanadu (Titan), an enigmatic bright feature on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan, Xanadu 2.0, the nickname of Bill Gates' futuristic private estate, Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, Xanadu House, a series of experimental homes built to showcase computers and automation in the home, Xanadu Meadowlands or American Dream Meadowlands, a proposed mall in New Jersey, US, Madrid Xanadú, a large shopping mall and entertainment center in Spain, Art, entertainment, and media: Film: Xanadu (film), a 1980 film starring Olivia Newton-John, Xanadu (Citizen Kane), a mansion in the fictional biographical film Citizen Kane (1941), Games: Xanadu (video game), a 1985 video game, Literature: "Kubla Khan, or A Vision in a Dream. A Fragment", a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, which popularised the name "Xanadu" for Shangdu, Madame Xanadu, a DC comics character, Xanadu, Mandrake the Magician's fictitious home of Mildred Couper, Music: Companies and labels: Xanadu Records, a jazz record label, Xanadu (musical), a Broadway musical based on the film

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