Xenos-5 (엑스파이브, often referred to as X-5 or X-Five) was a South Korean boy band with five members, formed under Open World Entertainment in 2011. 'XENOS', is an allomorph for the Greek word of 'stranger', where the name 'X-5' (referring to 5 Xenos), originated from. Their fanclub is called 'Xenia'. After being officially announced by Open World Entertainment that they were debuting another boy band early 2011, X-5 debuted on April 20, 2011 with their song 'The Show is Over' at their debut showcase. On April 22, 2011, they officially debuted through KBS2's Music Bank with 'The Show is Over' ('쇼하지마'), after releasing the respective music video. In December 2012 the members were released from their contracts of Open World Entertainment, after the arrest of the label's president Jang Seok-woo. In the same month the leader Ghun joined the Korean army for 2 years. In February 2013, 3 members joined a new group called LU:KUS, confirming that X-5 officially disbanded after the withdrew from their contracts with Open World Entertainment. History: 2011: Debut single, Xenos and mini-album, Dangerous: On April 22, 2011, X-5 officially debut with their performance of dance/synth-sound track "The Show is Over" (Korean: 쇼하지마) on KBS's Music Bank. On the same day their debut single Xenos was released which included "The Show is Over", "Fantasy" and "Get Off Me" (Korean: 내 눈 앞에 띄지 마). They went on to promote the single throughout Asia, including Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. However, the song "Fantasy" was deemed inappropriate and marked for over '19' years of age due to the lyrics 'party in the club'. X-5 went on to participate in large scale concerts such as Korean Music Wave, KIMCHI, K-Pop Music Festival. On December 9, 2011, X-5 released their first mini-album Dangerous which includes title track "Dangerous". 2012: withdrawn from Open World Entertainment, disbandment: On 13 April 2012, following the arrest of Open World Entertainment president Jang Seok-woo, the group together with label mate The Boss have stopped their activities and performances. The source also stated that the group's leader, Ghun, enlisted to military service in December 4 until 2014, "Last week, before Ghun left, he said his farewells to those around him. With his heart feeling perplexed with the events that have taken place, he wanted to get the issue of military service over with quickly." Later it was revealed that their concrats with their agency, Open World Entertainment, were finished. A source close to the group revealed in December 5, 2012 that "all the members of X-5 were released from their contracts 2-3 months ago without any conditions." Although the group left the company, they are still allowed to use the name X-5 and it wasn't officially announced that the group in fact disbanded or not. In February 2013, 3 members of the group, Taefung, Haewon and Sulhu, joined a new group called LU:KUS. Members: X-5 has five members: Ghun (Son Hyun-seok 손현석), Taefung (Lee Dong-hyun 이동현) Jung Hae-won (정해원), Zin (Jin Hyun-jin 진현진), and Sulhu (Kim Jin-wan 김진완). Filmography: Year Information Channel Type 2011 Miss Ripley (미스 리플리) - X-5 as X-5 (Cameo) MBC Korean 2011 Spy Myung Wol (스파이 명월) - Ghun as younger Eric KBS2 Korean 2012 Let's Go Dream Team (Haewon&Ghun) KBS2 Korean 2012 Starking (Haewon&Ghun&Taefung) SBS Korean

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