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Wilmie Pieroni de Barros (born on July 28, 1990) is a singer/songwriter from Brazil who lived in New York and is currently in Rio de Janeiro.

Wilmie was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 28th, 1990. Since she was a little girl Wilmie was very interested in music and performing, her biggest inspirations were Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Madonna.

Her parents got divorced when she was 6 years old and since then she went to a small city live with her mom, over there she had the chance to grow up surrounded by her cousins which gave wings to her youthful imagination, recording videos singing her favorite songs. Her uncle was a musician so he incentivized her to study piano, so she had a few theoretical and practical classes, feeding even more her dreams. Since she was 12 she used to write and not only on her diary but write songs too.

When she turned 15, Wilmie moved to her fathers apartment in Rio de Janeiro ( the city ), where she started her journey towards her poster dream, in the middle of a lot of changes, friends, school and maturation. With 16 years old she decided to record a cover song with her cousin and after that they decided to do a song together, “Gone” was the song they created, it has been written by Wilmie, and you can see her very immature lyrics and voice but it is far from a bad song, many people still like it today. She kept recording demo songs, producing some tracks, writing and having fun with her music.

In 2009, Wilmie faced her first big adventure in life moving to another apartment with her best friend, a fact very important because she could live the outside world and get inspired more and more everyday. She had vocal classes for a year where she performed a few times with the school of music, in the same year she performed with a cover band a few times singing at a wedding and clubs with the band.

Her plans were bigger so she contacted a great producer from Brazil and she released “Lights Off” in 2012 where she got a lot of good reviews.

In 2013, Wilmie decided to go to New York by herself, pursuing her dream in NY she shot a music video to Lights Off and performed a few times at Klimat Lounge in the East Village and also some karaokes. On her crazy american journey she started to create Lavender, her EP about a brave girl with a lavender hair. She went to Los Angeles to do a Photoshoot in Santa Monica and promote her EP Lavender. In 2014 she went back to Brazil and released Lavender, it all done independently . The first single from Lavender was Mystical, released with an Alternative Version edited by Jose Mascaro and the Acoustic Version too. You can watch and listen to her recently work on her VEVO channel : .
Mystical the single was released in 2015 with 3 versions of the song and all of them with their music videos on VEVO.
Now Wilmie is back in Brazil and working on her new project in portuguese, she just released "Eu Vou Pra Night" the portuguese version of "Lights Off".