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Named after the lake not far from her parent's house in Alabama, Waxahatchee is the name of D.I.Y. songwriter Katie Crutchfield's band, which began in 2011 as a solo project, appearing first in the form of a split cassette with Chris Calvin. Katie had been writing songs since her early teen days and was playing with her sister Allison in the scrappy punk group P.S. Elliot for a time. That group disbanded around the time of a serious breakup, and Crutchfield stole away to her parent's country home where she recorded the songs that would become Waxahatchee's lo-fi debut full-length, 2012's American Weekend. The confessional if somewhat brittle songs on the project's debut gained Waxahatchee more exposure, and Crutchfield began performing in and around Philadelphia, where she now lived. She assembled a band to back her up live, and in 2013, the sophomore album Cerulean Salt was released to largely positive critical review. ~ Fred Thomas, Rovi