The first incarnation of Vlor dates to 1992-1994 as an alternative pop band (there are no recordings from this era). The two prominent members were Brian John Mitchell on vocals & Russell Halasz on guitar.

In 1997, Russell Halasz & Brian John Mitchell decided to see what it would sound like to play acoustic guitars in a racquetball court. It was recorded with a Sony VAS recorder, sounded far better than expected, & eventually went on to become the majority of the first Vlor cassette - "Lavished."

In 1998 Mitchell & Halasz recorded "Luxate" in a bedroom using amplifiers & the VAS recorder.

In 1999 Mitchell & Halasz started the album "sacred places in the city" recording on to four track cassette, but the album was never completed.

In 2006 after working on making the original Vlor catalog available as digital releases, Mitchell re-started Vlor as a Silber all stars project. Writing guitar parts in the style of the original Vlor pieces & having the songs completed by Jon DeRosa (Aarktica), Mike VanPortfleet (Lycia), Nathan Amundson (Rivulets), Jessica Bailiff, Martin Newman (Plumerai), & Paolo Messere. The result was the album "a fire is meant for burning."

2008-2009 marked the recordings of "six-winged" with a line-up Mitchell (Remora/Small Life Form), Jon DeRosa (Aarktica), Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise), Martin Newman (Plumerai/Goddakk), Michael Wood (Something About Vampires And Sluts), Jessica Bailiff, Annelies Monsere, Jim DeJong (Infant Cycle), Michael Walton (mwvm), & Paolo Messere (6 P.M.).

Vlor in the end is about two things, friends & music as it continues into the future