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For other uses, see Vincent (disambiguation). Vincent Pronunciation (vin-sent) Gender Male Origin Word/Name Latin Meaning "conquering", "winning" Other names Nickname(s) Vin, Vince, Vinny, Vinnie, Cenzo Related names Vincentius, Vicente Look up Vincent in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Vincent is a male name derived from Vincentius (from the present participle of the Latin verb vincere, "to conquer or win"). Contents 1 Saints, 2 First name, 3 Surname, 4 Organizations, 5 Aircraft, 6 Ships, 7 Popular culture, 8 See also, 9 References, Saints: Vincent de Paul, 16th-century French priest, Vincent Ferrer, 14th-century Valencian Dominican missionary and logician, Vincent of Lérins, 5th-century Gallic author of early Christian writings, First name: Many people named Vincent are better known by the diminutives "Vin", "Vince", "Vinny" or "Vinnie". Vin Vin Diesel, American actor, Vinc Vin¢ Clarke, British science fiction fanwriter and editor, Vince Vince Cable, British politician, Vince Carter, NBA player, Vince Clarke, British musician, part of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Assembly, Erasure, VCMG, Vince Clarke (cricketer), English cricketer, Vince Coleman, American baseball player, Vince Gill, American country singer, Vince McMahon, billionaire owner of a publicly traded company (WWE), Vince O'Sullivan, American racewalker, Vince Offer, American-Israeli infomercial salesman, Vince Powell (1928-2009), British sitcom writer, Vince Lombardi, American Former NFL football coach, Vince Vaughn, American Actor, Vincent Vincent Cassel, French actor, Vincent D'Onofrio, American actor, Vincent Gallo, American director, actor, and musician, Vincent Hancock, Olympic shooter, Vincent Kartheiser, American actor, Vincent Kompany, Belgian footballer currently playing for Manchester City F.C. (soccer), Vincent Lange, German volleyball player, Vincent Lecavalier, Canadian professional hockey centre and captain for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Vincent Massey, Canadian lawyer and diplomat, Vincent Orange, Politician, Prince Vincent of Denmark, Vincent Persichetti, American composer, Vincent Pontare, a Swedish singer, songwriter (known as Vincent), Vincent Price, American actor, Vincent Morris Scheer (Mushy Callahan), light welterweight champion boxer, Vincent Sherman, American director and actor, Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter, Vincent Zhao, Chinese martial artist and actor, Vinnie Vinnie Anderson, New Zealand professional rugby league footballer, Vinnie Clark, American football cornerback, Vinnie Jones, British footballer-turned-actor, Vinnie Moore, American guitarist, Vinnie Paul, American rock/metal drummer (Pantera, Damageplan and HellYeah), Vinny Vinny Testaverde, former NFL quarterback, Surname: Main article: Organizations: Vincent Motorcycles, a defunct English motorcycle manufacturer, The Vincent Club of Boston, USA, St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores, trading as "Vinnies", Aircraft: Vickers Vincent, Ships: USS Vincent (SP-3246), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 or 1918 to 1919, Popular culture: Vincent, a song by Don McLean, Vincent, a short film by Tim Burton, Vincent, a 2005-2006 UK TV series starring Ray Winstone and Suranne Jones broadcast by ITV, Fictional characters Vince Clark is the main character in the British sitcom 15 Storeys High, Vincent Valentine, a fictional character from Final Fantasy VII, Vincent Vega, a fictional character in the film Pulp Fiction, V.I.N.CENT "Vital Information Necessary CENTralized" a robot in the 1979 Disney film The Black Hole, Vinnie Patterson, fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Ryan Kwanten, Vincent Phantomhive, a fictional character in the anime "Black Butler"., Vinnie Kruse, fictional character from the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street, played by Pua Magasiva, Vincent Nightray, fictional character from anime/manga "Pandora Hearts"

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license