Valeria Singer/Songwriter/publisher/producer/member of Latin Recording Academy/Latin Grammy Voter. She also has position in the American Recording Academy as a Grammy Voting member in that academy as well. Valeria is a crossover artist into Musica Latina. As well as Rikki's 2nd Latin album 'Mi Ruego Por Tu Dulce Amor" in the Tropical Salsa category.

She is a card carrying member of The Latin Recording Academy now.

BMI Latin: Her Latin songs/ Latin Repetoire is along side the works of big names Selena and Willy Chirino.

Valeria always wanted to be a crossover artist into Spanish speaking Latin market. In the American GRAMMYs She nominated Marc Anthony's "Iconos" and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico "Sin Salsa No Hay Paraiso" they got nominated. Radio (a leader in internet Radio) introduced my music to listeners and fans of Willy Chirino and Celia Cruz. The single was "La Cesta Hierba". Some additional info: Rikki musica latina is in the Clear Channel radio system available to all radio stations in our genre through IHEARTRADIO. Places Valeria was popular Nyc, Miami , Puerto Rico, and Texas. She was picked up by Terra Entertainment. Itunes officially declared Rikki's 2nd Spanish album "Mi Ruego Por Tu Dulce Amor" a Salsa/Tropical album. On Itunes Rikki La Rouge is listed in the Latin,Salsa, and Tropical genres with big names like Willy Chirino, Marc Anthony, and Tito Puente.

Valeria's primary influences are Selena and Willy Chirino. What you get with Rikki La Rouge is Tropical/Latin/Salsa.

On 54th Grammy Award Entry list Rikki 's album "Mi Ruego Por Tu Dulce Amor" was in the Best Tropical Latin Album cat. in Latin.

All of her Latin releases are released on Interscope Digital Distribution through Interscope Records.

Valeria than known as rikki on recording her first Spanish musical cd's created a new kind of are they called 'lo sabor de Nueva York ": 1/2 Cuban music and 1/2 Mexican music with American music of the streets.

The Grammys: Using her power and influence at the Grammys she entered Willy Chirino "My Beatles Heart" in two categories categories Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album on the 54th annual Grammy Entry list . Congratulations Willy!

she is a big fan of the Queen of Tejano and our hearts Selena, Rikki wrote a tribute to Selena to nominate her for Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys of 2013.

Valeria endorsed the Soundstrike because Rikki is against the racist immigracion law in Arizona .

With her music Rikki recorded an album called "Operacion:La Verdad", in the name of democracy and libretad for Cuban people and Bolivian people. put it on the list of Latin Grammy registration as a way to bring the whole world attencion that is exactly happening in Cuba and Bolivia. the song "Libretad Por BOLIVIA" from the album "Operation: La Verdad" found its way to Bolivia courtesy of YouTube with the message of democracy and freedom came to Bolivia. "Operacion:La Verdad" was in the Album of the Year category of the recent XIII Latin Grammy Entry list . Rikki La Rouge was in the Best New Artist cat.

recently On the Reverbnation Miami Latin Chart Rikki was in the top 100 passing Tony Succar who worked with one of her favourite Salseros Tito Nieves on a recent collabo. Valeria also passed Kevin Cabello who worked with Celia Cruz and opened for the Chirino Sisters at Secadas at Magic City. Rikki also passed Donato Poveda who was a guest artist on Willy Chirino's album "South Beach" on the song Memorandom para un Tirano.

Rikki wrote a lifetime achievement award proposal to The Grammys 2013 for Willy Chirino and she also wrote a proposal to The Latin Grammys for Willy Chirino to be nominated for 2013 Person of the Year. Rikki La Rouge is now known as Valeria