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Urban Cone is a Swedish indie pop band from Stockholm, Sweden formed in 2010 by Emil Gustafsson (vocals, bass), Rasmus Flyckt (vocals, keyboard), Magnus Folkö (drums), Tim Formgren (guitar) and Jacob William Sjöberg (keyboard). The group was formed while its members were all in high school. The group's debut album Our Youth was released on May 8, 2013 in the United States, and was produced and recorded in Flyckt's living room. Music career: Urban Cone found initial success in late 2010 with their self-released debut single "Urban Photograph", which spread rapidly through online music blogs. The Fall of 2012 saw the release of their Our Youth EP, with the lead single "Urban Photograph" reaching the #2 position on Hype Machine. The EP was well received by both the public and critics, with notably writing: "The EP exemplifies what Urban Cone is at it's finest, staying true to their roots and presenting honest, gritty, Dance/Pop". Following the release of Our Youth EP, Urban Cone made its first foray into the US in January 2013. The band performed in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The spring of 2013 saw another important milestone for the group. On May 8, their debut album Our Youth was released. Their latest single "New York" came out on July 8 in Sweden with the US release date to be determined. Urban Cone has also collaborated with electronic dance music artists Porter Robinson and John Dahlbäck. Live performances: Urban Cone has performed extensively throughout Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. Festival appearances include Roskilde Festival, Peace & Love, Way Out West, Siesta!, Emmaboda, Reeperbahn Festival, MS Docville, Popaganda and Trastock. In January 2013, Urban Cone performed five shows in the US, playing in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In April 2013, the group toured throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license