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Unknown Component is the music project of Keith Lynch. The project is currently based out of central Iowa and features Lynch on guitars, vocals, piano and drums. Lynch is a musician and a producer who plays every instrument on all of the Unknown Component recordings. He is also credited with recording and mixing every album in his own independent studio. Born in West Branch, Iowa, he later moved to Tipton, Iowa around the age of 8. At 16, he taught himself how to play guitar after discovering an old, acoustic guitar in the attic of his home in Tipton. After graduating high school, Lynch moved again and began writing and recording songs on a four track tape recorder marking the beginning of Unknown Component. Songs from the albums 'The Infinite Definitive' and 'Blood v. Electricity' have been featured on the nationally broadcast radio program Undercurrents and the song 'Set To Begin' off of the album 'From Anywhere But Here' was featured in the film The 4th Life which was distributed across the U.S. and Canada by Atopia, and was directed by Francois Miron. The music video "When The Illusion Is What It Seems" from the album 'The Infinite Definitive' received a Silver award at the 2012 ADDY Awards. The newest album 'Blood v. Electricity' was released in October 2012.

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license