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Typhoid Rosie is a Brooklyn Rock & Roll band composed of an Ivy League graduate and comedian turned singer-song writer (Rosie Rebel), a classically trained bassist, and two of NYC's finest veteran ska and reggae musicians. Within one year of their formation, they released their debut album "The Music Album". Typhoid Rosie's razor sharp sounds, addictive melodies and insights are packed in a lyrical goldmine of stories, humor, and philosophical inspiration. From sea shanty ballads and songs about retired strippers, secret pockets, bullfights, wolves and citadels to a disco song about nationally televised paternity tests, "I dare you to stop at one!" Typhoid Rosie puts on an incredibly entertaining stage show! It is no wonder that their music was featured on NBC, MTV CANADA, COMEDY CHORDS, and EAT SLEEP BREATHE MUSIC, their music is spreading across continents! Typhoid Rosie is reminiscent of a great era of Rock and Roll, and have been compared to legends like Johnny Cash, Concrete Blonde, Fiona Apple, Amanda Palmer, Patti Smith, Garbage, Hole, and Jim Morrison. There is no telling what new musical inspirations this band will pull out of their secret pocket.