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Twiz Mack, originally from Fayetteville NC, started Divine Grind Records with a vision of bringing a new "Carolina sound" to the mainstream music industry. He first released a series of mix tapes entitled "Hood to Hood vols. 1-2", which brought him instant recognition in the Carolina market. His company moved over 20,000 units out the trunk independently. The mix tapes were followed by several music video's to help give his audience a visual image of what Twiz represented and to promote his first album “Fayettenam Pharaoh”. His success and large following lead to him having appearances in Rappar Magazine/DVD, several television shows, Fayetteville Observer newspaper and radio play for his hit single "Carolina Hustla".

Twiz relocated from the Carolina's to now base his company in the Atlanta market, which is more capable to handle and promote his caliber of work. His latest release is the Command & Conquer Mix tape released in 2013. His new single “Get This Dance” is currently being used to promote his next album which will be released in Summer 2013.