Indie Rock
Formed in Manchester, United Kingdom in 2010 and consisting of lead singer and guitarist Julian Neville, electric organist Thomas Scotson and drummer Rich Watts, Turrentine Jones’ raw blues rock sound draws heavily from the catalogue of acts on the Memphis, Tennessee label Stax Records.

Turrentine Jones have released three download-only singles: Le Début, Della May and Show Me Mercy, respectively. Their debut album Our Days is set for release on 11 August 2014.

The anchors of the group’s sound are dominated by Scotson’s electric organ work and Neville’s fuzzed guitar riffs and baritone, sonorous voice, with which he sings and intones his poetic lyrics.

In 2009, Neville moved to Manchester from his native Australia in search of musicians, where he met (now former) drummer Chris Carcamo. With the addition of Thomas Scotson the three musicians officially became Turrentine Jones and together performed their first show at North London Tavern in Kilburn, London in late 2010.

In 2013 Turrentine Jones hit their stride, and with the growing radio support of BBC Introducing, elevating them to the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury Festival performing with a resounding reception.

Shortly after, the band signed a three-year music sync deal with American company, Etnies, which exposed the group’s sound to a global audience. By late 2013, Turrentine Jones entered the studio to begin recording their fan-funded debut album through the music platform Pledge, entitled ‘Our Days’.