John Jacobus from Atlanta, GA has released a handful of cross-pollinated solo EP’s since 1998 under the name Tricil. Tricil has always been a genre blurring project, mainly sticking to melodic IDM with harsh industrial and slight dubstep and electro flourishes. A guitarist at heart, many Tricil songs, such as The Emancipation, take their origin on the guitar before being translated in to the electronic realm.

Accolades include playing live keyboards for German electronic act Haujobb in 2007, as well as contributing to their 2011 comeback opus – New World March, doing Ableton Live programming for Goodie Mob in early 2010, and one time getting on stage with Pigface to sing “Suck” and “Supernaut” on Thanksgiving 2001. Other credits include two Nerd Parade albums and tours, a full length with The Secret Life and remixes for Celldweller, How to Destroy Angels, Architect, and Haujobb.

In 2010, Tricil released The Emancipation on Clear Notice Records garnering Hype Machine recognition and a critically acclaimed, multiple award-winning music video released via unique iPad application.

In 2011, Tricil contributed to Haujobb’s first new album in eight years, New World March.

Four singles were released in 2012: the guitar and vocoder-heavy "Vocka," the instrumental hip-hop groove track "Sleeping Makes Everything Better," the breaks-influenced "Effortly," and the sentimental "End Of."