"Prince and Marvin Gaye met one night at a 2Pac concert. Then they all went to the studio. lol!"
Straight from the mouth of Compton California native, TQ. The singer/songwriter/producer hit the music scene in R&B's Golden Age of the late 90's and early 2000's with a style that made him different than any other R&B singer on the market at the time. His swagger and delivery made some fans regard him with the same appeal as a rapper, with his realistic lyrics in songs that deal with real life issues. That signature style can still be found all over R&B Albums today.

While most R&B artists sing mainly about love, TQ set himself apart with cutting edge songwriting, branding his own type of “Reality R&B”. He started his professional music career with young B-Boy group “Coming of Age” when he attended high school. His own debut solo album They Never Saw Me Coming, which included the hits “Westside” and “Bye Bye Baby,” made him an instant worldwide success.
The single “Westside” debuted in the Top Ten in multiple markets, some of which entered the charts at #1 the first week. The song continued to dominate the top of the charts for weeks, collectively selling in excess of 1.4 million singles worldwide. TQ had fans from all over the world “throwing their dubs in the air” with the four-fingered, two-twisted in the middle, Westside symbol, including many fans who didn’t speak a lick of English.
TQ returned to the U.S. market and joined forces with New Orleans Hip Hop Powerhouse Cash Money Records where he wrote numerous hits and garnered his first #1 with Lil Wayne’s “Way of Life” which TQ co-wrote and was featured on.

Aside from his own music TQ has written, produced and collaborated with some of the top artists in the music industry from all genres including N’Sync, Lil Wayne, R.Kelly, Whitney Houston, Dru Hill, Jagged Edge, Ron Isley, Swizz Beatz, Petey Pablo, Another Level, LFO, Donny Osmond, Juvenile, BONE, Jim Jones, The Big Tymers, The Game, E40, Too Short, The Outlawz and Sarah Conner to name a few. "The magic comes when you put your talent with somebody else's." explains TQ. "That's the real beauty in Music!"
TQ is now in a position to finally let the world experience his full discography, which he now owns and controls 100%. That discography is still growing by the day. TQ is a self proclaimed “studio rat” and throughout his career, his die-hard fans from all walks of life have respected his true talent. “After Westside was an established hit, the damnedest person would come up to me in the streets and give me props on my pen,” recalls TQ. “Like some guy wearing a suit in the elevator, or some old lady that you’d never expect. I think the most satisfying part of my work comes from the fans who write me and quote my lyrics from past songs. Now that’s gratifying!”
As for the future, TQ has a multitude of projects coming together throughout the year for both the US and International markets; including a new album of his own and a Live EP with his band, The Young Mores. He was just invited by his hometown Los Angeles Dodgers to perform the National Anthem. TQ’s new website http://www.TheRealTQ.com has been completely revamped and is the centralized location for TQ’s endeavors. “This is place for all my stuff man… I’m a Jack of all trades and this is where I’ll prove it, lol!” laughs TQ. “I’ll be doing everything from here FIRST and there will be constant updates of all my movements”.
TQ’s mission is to do more albums, more shows, modeling and commercial endorsements. At the same time, he takes pleasure in remaining true to himself as Mr. Westside. “I’m just really determined,” asserts TQ. “I set goals for myself at an early age, and I refuse to not reach them all. There have been times when I’ve been knocked down, but I just get the f*ck back up. The next time I’ll see that punch coming and slip it. It’s all a learning experience, but you gotta keep that fight in you. If you don’t, you may as well throw in the towel. You gotta be built for it baby… I’m built for it.”

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