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Thomas, Tom, or Tommy Sullivan may refer to: Sports: Tom Sullivan (1880s pitcher) (1860-1947), American baseball player, Tom Sullivan (1920s pitcher) (1895-1962), American baseball player, Tom Sullivan (American football) (born 1950), NFL running back, Tom Sullivan (basketball) (born 1950), college basketball coach, Tom Sullivan (boxer) (1922-1959), Patriarca crime family mob associate, Tom Sullivan (catcher) (1906-1944), American baseball player, Tom Sullivan (curler) (born 1977), Canadian curler, Tom Sullivan (rower) (1868-1949), New Zealand oarsman, Musicians: Tom Sullivan (singer) (born 1947), blind singer/composer/author/actor, Tommy Sullivan, singer, songwriter, saxophonist and original member of Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, Politicians: Tom Sullivan (politician) (born 1968), Idaho US Senate candidate, Thomas L. Sullivan (1846-1936), mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana, Others: Thomas Sullivan (author), American author of short stories and novels, Thomas Crook Sullivan (1833-1908), American general during the American Civil War, Thomas J. Sullivan (1845-1908), director of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Thomas M. Sullivan (born c. 1949), American radio talk show host and television show host, Thomas P. Sullivan, American attorney, Thomas R. Sullivan, American judge in New York, Thomas Michael Sullivan, actor, producer, and founding member of Stage 13, Tom Sullivan (radio and television personality), Atlanta radio and television personality

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license