Philip E. Mason is a British atheist, scientist, and skeptical blogger, best known for his YouTube channel, Thunderf00t. Through this channel he has made a series of videos entitled "Why do people laugh at creationists?". It mainly focuses on the arguments made in public seminars by Kent Hovind. Mason (originally known only as Thunderf00t) also became well-known for countering creationist arguments made by VenomFangX, another YouTube blogger whose videos support creationism, which resulted in an exchange that lasted almost two years, and for also countering arguments made by Ray Comfort and intelligent design proponent Casey Luskin. Additionally, Mason has interviewed Richard Dawkins,PZ Myers (whom he interviewed at Myers' workplace, the University of Minnesota, Morris) the Westboro Baptist Church, and has also debated Comfort. Controversies surrounding Mason's channel include his criticism of modern feminism, and his extended criticism of Islam, such as his support for Draw Mohammad Day. Education: From 2003 until at least August 2010, Mason was affiliated with the University of Bristol. He worked at Cornell University's department of food science until 2011, where he studied the molecular interactions between water and sugar molecules, as well as molecular modeling with regard to proteins and guanidinium solutions. As of winter 2013, he was working at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, where he was working with a research group headed by Pavel Jungwirth. Research: Mason works as a researcher, he has co-authored 34 scientific papers, of which he is the lead author of 20. He is still publishing research as of 2013.

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