Blur The Line feels like an eponymous debut. This record is not a departure, nor is it simply growth. It is a realization purely of where Those Darlins are as artists right now. After sophomore record Screws Get Loose, Jessi, Nikki, and Linwood set out to uncover the true complex, contradictory nature of themselves as individuals and as a band. The result is a record to file on your shelf between Patti Smith¹s Easter and Fleetwood Mac's Tusk.

Blur The Line is a first-rate album of powerful tracks that mingle heavy rhythms and distorted Neil Young guitars with ear-candy harmonies and a slew of captivating lyrics. The band called on Roger Moutenot (Yo La Tengo, John Cale, JEFF the Brotherhood) to produce Blur The Line, and it turned out to be a revelation, a chance to stretch and give shape to their work with his supportive, laid back demeanor and experienced hands at the helm.

"Those Darlins are neither the quaint Americana mistresses nor the latterday garage queens we might've pegged them as. Somewhere along the line, this became an amazing band, and songwriting/arranging this masterful elevates Blur The Line to modern-classic status." - BLURT Magazine

"Tough and Seductive" - Spin

"Those Darlins are carving this legendary C&W town (Nashville) a new legacy." - NME