Theo Katzman (born 1986) is an American singer-songwriter and musician based in Brooklyn, New York. Katzman's musical style ranges from pop to indie rock, with multiple areas in between. Early career: Katzman came from a musical home. His father was a jazz trumpet player and would take him to rehearsals at an early age. Around age 12, Katzman started playing the drums, the guitar, and writing songs. In 2004 Katzman moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and studied jazz at the University of Michigan. In 2005 he joined the instrumental group Toolbox which evolved into the band My Dear Disco in 2007. Katzman toured with My Dear Disco from 2007 to 2010. During this period, the band released an EP titled My Dear Disco and an album titled Dancethink. Solo career: In early 2010, Katzman pursued a solo career and focused on his own singing and songwriting. He formed a trio called Love Massive. The group performed regularly and opened at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival in 2011. Katzman released an EP titled Solo Acoustic EP in 2010 and an album titled Romance Without Finance in 2011. In late 2011, he moved to Brooklyn and released music videos of two of his songs, "Hard For You" and "Brooklyn". In 2012 he opened for Vanessa Carlton and Matisyahu. In 2013, Katzman released the first single off of his next album, "Pop Song". He was the musical director and the opening act for Darren Criss on his national tour, Listen Up, and also performed on drums during Criss's sets. Criss is an avid fan and supporter of Katzman's career, using his Twitter to promote the release of Romance Without Finance. Katzman is working on his next album. He is a collaborator on upcoming albums by Darren Criss and Michelle Chamuel. Katzman performs with the Irish-fusion band The Olllam, the funk band Vulfpeck, and solo. Style: Katzman grew up listening to classic rock and soul music. His influences include soul, funk, R&B, folk and rock. As a songwriter, he primarily focuses on the lyrics first and then the melody, and writes parts for guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. His favorite songwriters are those who "capture a moment in cultural time" such as Frank Ocean, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon. Vulfpeck: In addition to his solo work, Katzman is a member of the funk group Vulfpeck. Formed in 2011, Vulfpeck is a four piece instrumental group made of Katzman on guitar and drums, Jack Stratton on keyboard and drums, Woody Goss on keyboard, and Joe Dart on bass. The group has released four EPs. In 2014 Vulfpeck released a silent album on Spotify that generated $20,000 in royalty over a two months period. The album was titled Sleepify.

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