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Official Site: | @theft
After fronting and playing drums in a host of bands on both coasts, Matt McCartie, now recording and performing under the moniker, THEFT, recently decided to go this part of his journey alone. The idea was to start making demos in his home studio, on which he would write, perform and record everything on his own. "I lost my mom to cancer about eighteen months ago, around the time I was playing drums for a Los Angeles band called, Eskimohunter. I left that situation because I really felt like this was the time in my life that I needed to do my own thing instead of working on someone else's project." It was then that McCartie embarked on what would become the beginnings of THEFT. "I had played in bands for years but wasn't really ever interested in the recording process. When I decided to go it alone I had to start at the beginning". Gutting an old office space in his backyard, Matt built a studio from the ground up financed by the sale of some old music equipment. He then set out learning how to record on his own, in order to put together what he was hearing in his head. "The first few months were just a testing ground to see how it all came together. I didn't know what it was all going to sound like because I'm interested in writing so many different types of music". After recording about 60 songs, Matt's songs have been compared to the pop arrangements of singer/ songwriters like Gemma Hayes and Pete Yorn mixed with the production and guitars of bands like Snow Patrol and Remy Zero. "The response to the demos was really positive and so I thought it might be interesting to make a record." The record hasn't even been completed and yet the demos have already seen their share of music licensing as well taking Matt on the road for an extensive spring tour. "I've got so many ideas to flesh out for this record and so I've been taking my time getting it just right ...and I don't have anyone to tell me that I can't". Fans will have to wait a little longer for the final pieces of the record to come together but for now McCartie has taken his songs to the stage, playing acoustic shows with friend and keyboardist, Matt Casebeer, and this fall Matt's brother Jon, will join THEFT as they finish the record and put together the final pieces of the live band.