Indie Rock
For any hard-working musician, the key to success is to find their voice - the inimitable sound that differentiates them from the rest. For multi-instrumentalist and producer, Matt McCartie – his voice – is a Brit rock-inspired wall of sound known as Theft. In January of 2010, McCartie released the band’s 1st work, an EP called “Breathing Underwater”.

Right on the heels of the band’s first live
dates, came the singles, “Fireworks Explode” and “Never Be the Same”. “Fireworks Explode” became Theft’s jangly pop theme song for the series, It’s On With Alexa Chung. Following that, the band wrote an original score for the award winning documentary show, True Life as the series' first guest composers. Additionally, the band's spiraling anthem “Breathing Underwater” became the theme for the late DJ AM’s much-publicized intervention series, Gone Too Far. And Theft's blistering and emotional song, “Never Be The Same” was chosen as the theme song for MTV show, If You Really Knew Me, which premiered in July of 2010.

The band embarked on their first tour playing opening slots in amphitheaters across the US in the summer of 2010. Coming off of tour, the band was approached by Hype Music to record an album of down tempo tunes for TV and film. After finishing their first full length album entitled “The Hard Way”, the band returned to the studio in early 2011 to create their 2nd full length entitled, “For Your Rainy Heart”, (produced by McCartie). Contrary to current music business trends Theft released both of these of these full length albums in the fall of 2011. Currently, McCartie is in the studio writing the band's 3 album which he hopes will release in early 2013.