Antoine Ronel Tramble is a ASCAP registered, producer, composer, songwriter, and recording artist. While he has written and composed a variety of styles and genres of music, Antoine specializes in, dramatic, emotional, epic and inspirational urban music for film, television, games, trailers, and new media.

Whether it is recreating the sounds from his imagination or translating the ideas from another, Antoine has an incredible passion, feel and ear for music. With his broad range of style, limitless creativity, plus, his exceptional skill at combining the technical with creativity, Antoine continues to land placements on today’s top networks such as, CW, Own, Bravo, Lifetime, MTV, VH1, CBS, E!.

Flipping through channels of scheduled programing or browsing on demand internet streaming media, you are likely to hear some of Antoine’s work in popular shows like, A&E Biography, America’s Next Top Model, Last Comic Standing, and Big Bang Theory...

Antoine has learned that, in any relationship, trust is a very valuable thing, and, for years, he's been trusted with his client's music and audio production needs. His clients have benefitted from his strong belief in excellence and integrity, as well as his skill at being able to translate their ideas to successful art, products, and business ventures. Antoine brings 20 years of experience, working with audio and music production, and has enjoyed helping artists’ and businesses develop and create their own sound.

Today he has set his attention towards his personal projects, and, continued focus of creating custom music for, film, television, games, trailers, and new media. Beyond his world of music, he is committed to his family, a proud father and a loving husband. When not lost in his world of music, he enjoys, reading, playing halo, watching movies, technology and gadgets.
Throughout his life, he has demonstrated perseverance and an incredible drive to overcome obstacles to achieve his goals. His personal style is the original composition of a life lived through rich experiences and the true love of music and knowledge. He is full of determination and the willpower to accomplish and overcome anything he locks his focus to, and even as an underdog he is not daunted and strives for excellence and integrity in creating compelling and unique music.

Philly Slim wanted to rap because of his brother who is six years older than him. Slim was in eighth grade, and figured if he started rapping, he'd get to hang out with his brother and his friends. He became the mocking bird, able to imitate rappers for his friends at school - they'd beg him to do a DMX song that he had down cold. Life in Philly wasn't too bad; his parents were together for awhile and his cousins were always around, but becoming a rap star was just crazy talk. Growing up he listened to Eazy-E, Tupac, Ice Cube, Snoop, and Dr. Dre - a true product of the second generation of hip-hop.

The bug to record would bite him after the move all the way across the country to Gilroy, California. He hooked up with some guys from San Jose and started spending his entire paycheck at a recording studio in Santa Clara. That's when he became known as Philly Slim, the east coast transplant who was in the studio so damned much the engineer finally just told him to come over and kick it. Philly Slim is the embodiment of the idea that if you want things to happen, you have to go wherever you need to and MAKE it happen.

So one day after he and his group had cut some tracks, his mom submits their song "California/Cali Anthem" to a contest for radio station KMEL, and it got picked, and it made it all the way to the final round. When the website went up with the vote totals, the other song had 70% and that's when Slim and the crew got to work. They spent the next two weeks handing out fliers and cards at the mall, he had everyone in his computer lab at school vote for him, and the end result was that they won the entire contest. With the new exposure Slim got to travel to LA and perform at the Derby, Hardrock Cafe, House of Blues, and Universal Studios. He's been to Vegas, San Francisco, and Oakland, and all of it came to a screeching, tearing halt in 2004 when he got in a car accident.

The hospital gave him more than just a bill for his stay; he picked up a staph infection that nearly killed him. That was the moment where he began to reevaluate what he really wanted to do in life. He had to drop out of school, and then finally in March 2005 he decided not to return to the football field and concentrate on his music instead. When recording his album he found Concept and came up to Sacramento to buy some beats - but after working together, Slim realized he had found a true creative match.

Philly Slim seems like a laid back guy, but you'd never expect the madness of his work ethic. He already has three albums worth of material written, and it's just a question of the perfection of production that matters to him. East Coast, West Coast, wherever he is, Philly Slim gets the job done.