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The Woodlands are Hannah and Samuel, a wife and husband indie folk-pop duo from Portland. They craft songs of melancholy and mirth that conjure faraway lands and the longing of lovers with timeless imagery that unearths both the shadow of tragedy and the glisten of wonder.

After marrying several years ago and backpacking through Europe and Central America, they returned to the US and continued writing songs together. They found themselves in a corner of their Portland apartment bedroom amidst an aged and worn wooden desk, elusive quiet night hours, and a homemade studio fort of blankets and pillows. There The Woodlands traveled the byways of one another's souls--seeking, listening and searching for words and sounds with which to share what they found. They independently recorded and produced their self-released debut album, which has been received with both national and international exposure and accolades.

In a burst of creative experimentation, a synthpop dance remix project called Heavy Hands Remix emerged in the repertoire. The Woodlands mixed up a blissful electronic ruckus as they deconstructed and reshaped five indie folk tracks from their previously released debut album. Samuel has also recently released the debut album for his solo project called Quiet Arrows, which effuses intimate poetry, acoustic warmth, vintage synth keys, and a whole lot of heart. Somewhere between the flurry of projects and the hum-drum of quiet life, the next full-length album is also now in the works for The Woodlands, as they continue to mine the songwriting ore from the depths of their cavernous creativity.