The terms Specials or The Specials could refer to: The Specials, an English ska music band The Specials, the band's first album, More Specials, their second album, , The Specials (internet TV series), an internet documentary series about 5 friends with learning disabilities, The Specials (film), a 2000 comedy film about a group of superheroes, Specials (novel), a novel by Scott Westerfeld, Specials (TV series), a 1991 TV series about British Special Constables, Specials (Unicode block), Unicode codepoints used for special usage, The Specials (Shania Twain video), a 2001 DVD release, Ulster Special Constabulary, the Northern Ireland police force, For the comic book heroes known as "Specials", see Rising Stars, Special Constable, an auxiliary or temporary police worker, An escape/extension mechanism in the Device independent file format (DVI)

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