The Ringers were a Los Angeles-based rock n' roll band. They broke up in 2010; band members Joe Hursley and Patrick Hursley have formed a new band called 'Indians. The Ringers were Joe Hursley (vocals, guitar), Joe Robinson (lead guitar), Joe Stiteler (bass), and Patrick Hursley (drums). They released their second full-length album Headlocks and Highkicks in August 2008, with Dave Cobb producing. The Ringers are known for having an explosive and fun live set. Singer Joe Hursley has been known to drink his own sweat, throw shoes, and himself all over the stage. He is often compared to other dynamic frontmen like the legendary Iggy Pop. The band moves were even captured for use in Guitar Hero 4: World Tour. Their first album, "Tokyo Massage III", was released on November 10, 2006. Joe Hursley, also appeared as Maurice in the comedy film Accepted. In the film, the band performed the song "Keepin' Your Head Up" from Tokyo Massage. The Ringers were one of the only unsigned bands to appear on the Accepted film soundtrack. In April 2008, Joe Hursley played the coiffed, milk powered, faux rock God 'White Gold'. He wields a milk filled 'One Gallon Axe' guitar in the California Milk Processing Board's ad campaign. The band has also played shows with: New York Dolls, Lily Allen, Valient Thorr, Authority Zero, Supersuckers, Eagles of Death Metal, Semi Precious Weapons, The Architects, Camp Freddy, Bullets and Octane, Nico Vega, and Veruca Salt and many shows with other local LA bands like: Saint Motel, The Binges, Rumspringa, Roses on Her Grave, The Vacation, and Dirty Kings. Music videos: "Oh Well Man" directed by Scott Ludden, "Tell Me All About It" by Christopher Ashe and Toni Gallagher, of RNDM Creations "Rough in the Diamond" directed by John McCauley, Jamspeed Arts, "Old Man Ron" directed by VIMBY filmmaker Eric Katz. Shot by VIMBY Sr. Producer Eric Thompson / Eric Katz.

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