Sporting their newly acquired accolade; The New F-O's join the ranks of MTV's and Sony ATV's (Extreme Music) newly launched Hype Production. They exploded onto the scene with a strong club and concert presence due to their sturdy fan base. They are a colorful breath of fresh sound waves that deliver strategic blows to your eardrums via high-end production and well-played vocals. With his raspy voice and melodic yet catchy delivery “Lifted” (one of two MC’s in the group) leaves his mark on venues and nightclub dance floors throughout the industry while his vocal counterpart “Pancho” with his contagious smile, bright voice and style sings his way into their fan’s minds, hearts and airwaves.

This new wave genre of music and playful fan base is taking the industry by storm one track at a time. Often described as a potent strain of alternative hip-hop, This hybrid type of lyrical duo seems to captivate your attention by honestly leaving each venue and crowd wanting more and feeling good hence the name of their newly released EP “Real Life Feel Good.”

Due to their distinct sound and their ability to pull major crowds they are sweeping the feet of the norm and upper-cutting the average fan with their full scale power packed set list and stage presence. If you get the chance to see them perform live, be sure to purchase tickets in advance or get there early because they are sure to draw a crowd. If you would like to request them to perform in your city and or to see, hear or read more about The New F-O’s visit http://www.TheNewFos.com/.