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The Moses Gun is a Chicago based rock band that features the soul stylings and distorted chaos of Vell Mullens on guitar and vocals, the rumbling sonic fury of Rich Harris on bass, guitar, and backing vocals and the brilliant brutality of Jeff Wiseman on drums. We do what we do - and we have for a minute. Beginnings? Let's paint a picture - Wicker Park, mid to late 90's - riddled with lots of skinny pants and Converse wearing trust fund kids in their trust fund condos slumming it up in the big bad city. Band after band trying to be the next "big thing". The Moses Gun? Living in veritable poverty in the city we grew up in, jamming on second hand pawn shop instruments, barely nourished on a diet of Ramen noodles, camel cigarettes, Busch beer, and (insert random illicit substance here), all the while writing rambling odes to relationships lost, baby mamas, dope, and disillusionment (in no particular order). While other bands may have evolved with trends (a little NuMetal here, a little post-punk there – nothing wrong with that), The Moses Gun hath plotted a different course - seeking to somehow merge all that we believe to be right and just: random episodes of Good Times (James Evans episodes, of course), dog-eared Upton Sinclair novels, the wacky pre-911 innocence of our youth, combined with the pop sensibilities of Motown, the sheer power of Husker Du, and the urgency of mid 90's Hip-hop - which is utterly ironic, as we have few, if any, elements of hip-hop in our music, but I digress... It hasn't stopped really - the Moses Gun will stay in step with the stream of consciousness narrative seeping from our collective craniums. We remain in a tireless, unyielding pursuit of truth the way we see it. There is no failure - only forward